May 05, 2021

How to Create an Instagrammable Bedroom

Having a stylish place where you can relax and pamper yourself can significantly reduce your stress and keep you inspired throughout the day. Having a stylish bedroom is also helpful if you are working from home and constantly need to attend virtual meetings. If you are tired of using a virtual background to hide your cluttered bedroom, it may be time for you to renovate it. If you live in a condominium with an excellent room cut and spacious floor area, you can explore various themes to make your bedroom more aesthetically pleasing. 


Guide to Creating an Instagram-Worthy Bedroom

If you are thinking of ways on how to make your bedroom Instagram-worthy, here are some tips you can follow to create a stylish yet relaxing bedroom:

  • Decide on a theme. Choosing a specific theme for your bedroom will make it easier for you to mix and match patterns and textures that will elevate your style. Having a theme will also help you choose sets of furniture that complement each other, preventing your bedroom from looking cluttered and disorganized. 
  • Improve the lighting. Lighting can significantly improve the way your room looks, as lighting adds more tone and drama to your room. If you want a cozy vibe, you can go for a warm tone, while a cool tone suits those who like a chill and laid-back environment. 
  • Invest in good bedding. Beautiful bedding can make the room cozier and more luxurious, adding more drama to your bedroom. Adding layers of bedding is an excellent way to showcase various patterns and textures, providing your bedroom with more personality. You can also add decorative bed elements such as quilts if you feel that your bed still looks bare despite the beddings. 
  • Add feature walls. Feature walls are one of the highlights of an Instagrammable bedroom. Feature walls can be any pattern that suits your chosen theme. For a more affordable option, you may use self-adhesive 3D wallpapers. 3D wallpapers have a wide array of designs and can be easily bought online, making them an excellent material for DIY room decor projects. 
  • Add wall panels. Wall panels are an excellent addition to bare walls as they add texture and color. Wall panels can also create a stark contrast in your empty walls and open spaces. 
  • Invest in an expensive curtain. Curtains are effective in making a significant difference in your bedroom's ambiance. Choose a fabric that suits your theme. Also take into consideration the direction your condo is facing. If your condo is facing the west or south, you might want to choose a thick fabric for your curtain as west-facing and south-facing condos are exposed to the afternoon sun, which brings more heat. 
  • Add accent chairs. Accent chairs add more color and texture, making them a practical addition to your room. A small chair with a different texture, such as the velvet chair, is enough to elevate your bedroom's style. 

When designing your bedroom, it is important to make it as personal as you can so you can feel comfortable. Comfort must always be prioritized before aesthetics, so choose decors that you think will elevate your bedroom's ambiance and make it cozier.

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