April 04, 2021

Bring Rural ambiance to Your Home with Elegant Country Interior Theme

If you hail from the province and have recently moved into a condo in a highly urbanized area to establish your career, you might miss your hometown from time to time. Although the city is full of life even at night, the unfamiliarity of the place may cause you to feel homesick, especially if you live in a condominium where you rarely interact with your neighbors. However, there are ways for you to make your condo feel like your hometown. If you grew up in a traditional provincial house, incorporating an elegant country interior theme might help you settle in your new condo easily and enjoy city life more. 

Basic Essential of Elegant Country Interior Decor

The rustic country is characterized by a traditional country house interior with a touch of texture that brings elegance to the theme. If you want your condo to feel like your grandmother’s house in the countryside, here are some elements you can incorporate:


  • Wooden furniture - Since provinces are abundant with natural resources, the elegant country style is all about wooden crafts. Elegant country style is known for its excellent wooden works, so nice wooden furniture is definitely a highlight of this theme. 
  • Floral patterns - Nothing screams country more than floral patterns. You can incorporate floral patterns in your couch and pillow covers, carpets, rugs, and decors. 
  • Flowy drapes - Elegant country is all about promoting good ventilation, making flowy drapes the perfect curtain style to compliment the wind. Fabrics such as chiffon and voile are the most suitable for making flowy curtains. They are light, delicate, and free-flowing, which really add a fresh ambiance to any home. Flowy drapes bring elegance to the simple country style.
  • Incorporate plants - Elegant country style gets various inspirations from the outdoor. These elements are then brought inside the home. Plants are among the easiest ways to bring the outdoor vibe inside your house. Putting fresh flowers as decors is also an excellent way to boost the interior’s elegance and create a warm and cozy vibe. If you have a sizable condo unit with an excellent cut like the condo units in Paddington Place, you can go all out with indoor plants. If you have a south-facing condo, you can also incorporate hardy plants that need direct sunlight to grow. 
  • Incorporate more natural light - Elegant country style takes advantage of natural light to create contrast and add more life to the living spaces. Make sure to choose windows that allow natural light to illuminate the room.  
  • Add more texture - Choose nature-inspired textures to create a country vibe and add flowy patterns for elegance. 

Incorporating traditional-looking styles from the elegant country in a contemporary condo like Paddington Place is an excellent way to help you relax after a long day in a busy city. The elegant country style gives a refreshing yet sophisticated ambiance to your home by highlighting various traditional styles and combining them with classy patterns. If you want your condo to look like a modern version of your country home, elegant country style is suitable for you.

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