April 04, 2021

How to Keep West-Facing Condo Units Cool

When purchasing a condo unit in high-rise condos like The Paddington Place, one of the factors you should consider is the direction your desired unit is facing, as it dramatically affects your condo unit’s temperature. West-facing condo units are known to have the hottest temperatures because they are directly exposed to the afternoon sun. However, west-facing condo units, especially those near a lake or sea, offer one of the most magnificent views every condo owner dreams of having—the sunset view. If you want to purchase a west-facing condo with good ventilation, The Paddington Place is suitable for you. If you have a west-facing condo unit and are looking for ways to keep it cool so you can enjoy the sunset view, there are simple techniques you can do. 

4 Simple Techniques to Keep Your West-Facing Condo Unit Cool

Home equipment like an air conditioner consumes a lot of energy to keep condo units cool all day. Higher energy consumption generates higher electric bills, especially during the summer season. However, there are simple and easy techniques you can follow to maintain a naturally cooler temperature for your condo unit, allowing for a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to maintain your ideal living temperature. Here are some techniques you can use:

  • Install window films - Window films are self-adhesive tints installed to glass surfaces to filter the light that comes into your windows, effectively reducing heat. Window films are quick to install and can be done by anyone. When installing window films, all you have to do is find the exact measurement of the glass surface, cut the film accordingly, and install it to the inner part of your window by spraying water and soap solution to the glass. The side of the window film facing your exterior window is reflective, providing you with privacy by reflecting what is in front of your window. 
  • Install window blinds or curtains - Window blinds are ideal for minimizing light exposure while allowing fresh air to enter the room, improving room ventilation. If you want to cover your windows fully, curtains offer more light control. Curtains are effective for cooling the room quicker as it blocks heat and light, helping the air conditioner use less energy to cool the room. 
  • Invest in an air purifier - An air purifier is a device that improves air circulation and decreases humidity, making the room cooler. An air purifier also keeps the air clean and eliminates foul odor. 
  • Put indoor plants in different corners - Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide, increasing the oxygen in your condo unit and improving air quality. Various indoor plants thrive in low light and afternoon sun, making them suitable for west-facing condo units. If you want a low-maintenance indoor plant, you should choose hardy plants like the Z plant and snake plant. 

If you plan to renovate your condo unit in the near future, you should consider switching to fiberglass windows as fiberglass reflects the infrared light. This allows heat to bounce off of your unit’s surfaces instead of being absorbed. It is also vital to keep your air conditioner well-maintained by getting it cleaned according to its prescribed cleaning schedule. Well-maintained electronics will use less energy, stay cooler longer, and perform at their optimum level better.

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