April 04, 2022

The Best Lighting Types for Each Room in Your Home

Lighting can completely transform the interiors of your home. It can even affect your sleeping patterns and mood. For this reason, it’s important to have the proper lighting for each area of your home. But with so many options and rooms in your Celestis 1 home to think about, what do you do? Here’s a basic guide to help you figure it out. 

Living Room

  • Track Lights - Track lights can be directed towards a particular direction, which allows you to highlight specific areas of your living room. This type of lighting offers a sleek and minimalist look that doesn’t overpower an already busy room. 
  • Recessed Lights - Recessed lights are a discreet way to illuminate your Celestis 1 living room without adding unnecessary clutter to your space. They’re installed within your single and don’t draw attention to themselves, so you can achieve an effortless yet functional look. 
  • Standing Lamps - Besides primary lighting sources, you can also introduce some accent lighting with standing lamps. You can place standing lamps in areas that need extra lighting, such as a reading nook, play area, or dark corner. 


  • Ceiling Lights - Bathrooms need to be well-lit so you can stay safe and comfortable. A ceiling light is the perfect lighting solution for this area of the home. You can choose from various styles, such as squares, ovals, domes, and more to complement your preferred aesthetic. 
  • Wall Sconces - Wall sconces are lighting fixtures secured to the wall for support. They’re great for accent and ambient lighting, in case you want to add a bit of flair to your bathroom. You can place them around your bathroom mirror to illuminate the area without crowding the space.
  • Mini Pendant Lights - Mini pendant lights can add a bit of sophistication and elegance into your bathroom. These are decorative lights that can also act as accent lights in case there’s an area you want to highlight, such as a bathtub or mirror. 

Dining Room and Kitchen

  • Under/Above Cabinet Lights - Under or above cabinet lights are useful lighting additions to any kitchen. They’re a functional type of lighting that illuminates your workspace while also adding to the overall ambiance of the kitchen and dining room. 
  • Chandelier - Chandeliers are a classic lighting fixture that can tie a kitchen or dining room together. There are different types of chandeliers in the market today that suit various aesthetics, from rustic to contemporary modern. 
  • Pendant Lights - If you’ve got a smaller bathroom space, then pendant lights are an excellent alternative to chandeliers. They still hang from the ceiling, but they’re slightly smaller and come in various styles with either one bulb or multiple bulbs.


  • Recessed Lighting - Recessed lighting is a type of general lighting that’s perfect for use in a bedroom. They’re able to provide enough light for you to see comfortably while maintaining a relaxing and warm atmosphere. Some even come with dimmers so you can control the brightness. 
  • Ceiling Fans - Some ceiling fans come with light bulbs attached to their center. There are also some ceiling fan lights covered with a shade to soften the light. These are great options to consider if you find that your room gets hot often since they can do double duty in a bedroom.
  • Standing/Table Lamps - A table lamp can add a bit of comfort and style to your room. These are accent lights that can be placed either on the wall slightly above your bed or on top of your bedside drawer. 

Decorating your Celestis 1 home with the perfect lighting will be a breeze, thanks to this handy guide!

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