April 04, 2022

Tech Trends That Will Turn Your Condo Into A Smart Home

Technological advancements make it much easier for people to live a comfortable, stress-free life, even with the demands of modern-day living. These days, smart homes are improving the quality of life of millions of homeowners. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities of homeownership, then it might be time to make the switch, too. 

Turning your Midori Terraces condo might seem challenging at first, but it’s simpler than you think. Here are a few tech trends and gadgets that will instantly turn your condo into the most efficient smart home you need it to be.

Smart Outlets 

Smart outlets are electrical outlets that can be controlled using an app on a smartphone. By installing them in your Midori Terraces condo, you can save plenty of electricity in the long term since you can automatically program them to turn on and off. This device also keeps you safe by preventing you from leaving an appliance plugged in for too long. 

Voice Assistants

Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are just a few voice assistants that come built into smart speakers. These digital assistants can do simple tasks for you, such as playing music, controlling light switches, and turning on security cameras. They’re handy for those with disabilities and senior citizens who may have issues with mobility and memory. 

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is another helpful device that helps save energy and offers the hands-free operation of doors, lights, windows, and other parts of your Midori Terraces condo. These gadgets are pretty cheap and are relatively hidden so that they won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your home interiors. 

Robot Vacuums

Rather than slouching over a dustpan and broom or handheld vacuum, investing in a robot vacuum cleaner is the way to go for easy and efficient cleaning. Some robot vacuums can play music, schedule routes and cleaning times, operate using voice commands, and steer clear of dead ends. These devices can effortlessly pick up pollen, dust, and allergens, leaving you with a spotless floor without lifting a finger. 

Sound-Activated Switches

Sound-activated switches, also known as “clappers,” have been around for a while now, but they’re just as helpful as ever. These devices are typically used for lights, but you can also install them on alarm systems, radios, and more. 

Universal Remote Control

A universal remote control allows you to control the devices in your home from your tablet or smartphone. This is a great way to stay organized while also comfortably operating everything without moving an inch. A few devices you can use a universal remote control on include a robot vacuum, television, overhead light, air conditioner, or air purifier. 

Smart Locks

Are you tired of losing the keys to your house? It might be time to upgrade to a smart lock instead. Smart locks are electronic locks that can be activated using a passcode or through biometric scans that utilize fingerprint, facial recognition, or voice recognition. You will never have to worry about a set of keys ever again, but you can be assured of your home’s safety and security. 

High-Speed Internet

Now that most businesses offer work-from-home or flexible set-ups, high-speed internet has never been more critical. Investing in a fast and reliable internet connection ensures that you can work, study, or play easily. 


Transforming your Midori Terraces condo into the ultimate smart home doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Simply incorporating a few of these modern technologies into your home is already a considerable step in the right direction. 

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