March 03, 2022

How to Do Your Yearly Home Electrical Safety Checks

According to a recent Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) report, electrical connection issues are the leading cause of fires in Metro Manila. It accounts for over 53.85% of fires every year. The risk is even greater now that it’s the summer season when your cooling appliances use even more power to keep your house at the proper temperatures. 

Keep your Amaia Series Nuvali home safe for your family all year round by keeping tabs on your electrical system. Here are inspection methods you can use to find possible problems before they get worse. 

Check Your Cords

Electrical cords often have thick rubber and plastic jackets that protect the wires that transfer electricity from the outlet to the appliance. These protective sleeves can get damaged by pets and pests that chew on them. Low-quality cords may have sleeves that deteriorate after a few years. 

No matter the case, you should never let exposed electrical wires be. They can shock people who come in contact with them, causing injuries or even death. They may also wear out and create short circuits, which can cause electrical fires.

Replace extension cords with exposed wires immediately. If the cables are attached to expensive appliances, call the manufacturer or dealer to work out possible repairs or replacements. 

Look Out for Sparks

Brief, blue sparks are normal when plugging an appliance into an outlet. However, when you notice large and prolonged orange sparks, your outlet may be faulty. Other warning signs include burning smells and black marks on the plug. This problem can be caused by various things, like loose wiring, short-circuiting, aging wires, water damage, and overloading. These sparks may also cause a fire if they come into contact with combustible materials like paper or wood.

If you notice one of your outlets sparking unusually, steer clear of using it for now. If possible, turn it off using your circuit breaker until you can get someone to repair it.

Stay Grounded

Standard electrical outlets in Metro Manila often have three prongs. One of them is for grounding. The ground wire transfers excess electricity into the ground, which prevents an appliance from being damaged. This is especially useful during power surges caused by electrical outages and lightning strikes. Grounding also ensures that you don’t get shocked by excess electricity passing through the device or appliance you’re using. 

You can test if your outlets are properly grounded using a socket tester, which you can buy online for less than PhP 500. These usually have lights that indicate whether the outlet is in good condition or has improper grounding. Check every socket in your home for grounding issues. If you find one, don’t plug any appliances into it until it’s repaired.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

There’s only so much you can do to keep your home’s electrical system in good condition. If you’re having trouble doing any of these safety checks, don’t be afraid to call in a licensed electrician. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to identify electrical issues in your home and repair them before they cause any disasters.

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