March 03, 2022

The Guide to Perfecting Your Home Gym Set-up

Going to the gym can be a hassle—from having to wait for your turn to use a machine to expensive membership fees, it’s enough to deter you from achieving your fitness goals. The best way to avoid these problems is by setting up a gym in your home at Phirst Calamba! Forget monthly fees and sharing equipment; here’s a simple guide on how to perfect a home gym setup you’ll love to train in.

Determine Your Fitness Goals

Your fitness goals will determine how much space you need and what equipment you need to acquire. It’ll also help give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending on your home gym. It’s recommended that you start thinking about what exercises you enjoy most and your objectives, then go from there. For example, if you’re into yoga, you’ll most likely need a space that can fit a yoga mat, straps, and yoga blocks. A space for a television or tablet to watch yoga videos will also come in handy. On the other hand, circuit training is a more intensive workout that requires a larger area for activities like weight lifting and running sprints.

Choose the Right Space

Next, you’ll have to figure out which space in your Phirst Calamba home can accommodate your needs. The most common areas of the house that you can use for this purpose are a spare bedroom or basement. Consider setting up your home space on your balcony or garage if you want outdoor space. 

Decide on the Best Equipment

Once you designate the best space in your home for your gym, it’s time to fill it up with equipment. Your equipment will depend on what your fitness goals are. If you’ve got limited space, you can always go for multipurpose equipment such as a smith machine that allows you to do both lat pulldowns and bench squats.

Place Rubber Flooring

Flooring often gets overlooked, but it’s actually a key component to ensuring your safety while working out, and it also prevents your floors from getting damaged. Rubber flooring is a great way to avoid accidents protect flooring and dull noise. They don’t cost much to install, so you should consider adding them to your home gym. 

Ensure That the Space Is Well-Ventilated

Working out in a poorly ventilated space can be dangerous, so it’s best to open up a window in your home gym or have a fan or air conditioning nearby. You’ll be able to make the most of your workout sessions without endangering your health and keep cool in the heat, especially in the summer. 


That’s everything you need to create the perfect gym set up in your Phirst Calamba home! Creating a dedicated home workout area is an excellent way to meet the fitness goals you set for yourself, save money, and maximize your living space.

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