March 03, 2022

3 Tips to Create an Inspiring Study Area for Kids

For kids studying online and at home, having a dedicated space to concentrate is key to effective learning. A study area for kids is a work-from-home space for working parents. Both need to be comfortable and strategically designed to promote success. 

Help your children flourish by creating a designated study room. Here’s how: 

Set Up the Study Space Outside the Bedroom

Within the spacious homes of Bloomfield Heights, parents have the luxury to create a study area that’s separate from the kids’ bedrooms. This is crucial as the study room can be as peaceful and distraction-free as possible. Children can better focus on their studies with toys, gadgets, and beds out of sight. 

An ideal study space should also take in plenty of natural light, which can positively affect student performance and comfort. Cool light colors like whites and blues, which mimic daylight, can also be great alternatives. 

The Less Clutter, the Better

A study area that’s untidy and filled with random things will likely distract your kids. For this reason, invest only in study space essentials, including a high-quality study table, a cushioned chair, a desk lamp, and a shelving system for keeping things organized. Corkboards are also a must-have, which children can use to plan and complete their assignments and track exam dates. These boards also allow kids to customize their space by hanging their favorite pictures and artworks.

If your children frequently attend online classes, ensure you have the tech tools for uninterrupted learning. These include a tablet or laptop, a headset, and a Wi-Fi extender to maintain a good internet connection. Limit distractions by blocking specific sites and apps on digital devices. 

Inspire Comfort and Relaxation

Stress may naturally occur to students, especially when faced with multiple deadlines and exams. To help them manage this, you can create a cozy reading nook inside their study room. 

Set it up by the window and add some bean bags to create a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this nook doesn’t have to be used for reading purposes only. When it’s time to take a break, kids can retreat here and have a power nap or healthy snack while listening to ambient music.

Meanwhile, the best brain break for kids working on screened devices is to step outside the study room and get moving. Subdivisions like Bloomfield Heights in Antipolo have open green spaces where kids can relax and enjoy the scenic nature views. 

Another way to evoke a relaxing mood in a study room is to use the right paint colors. Calming blues and greens are ideal for creating a sense of tranquility. To keep the area from becoming too comfy, add a splash of color with furniture. You can also consider painting the walls off-white since this classic color helps calm the mind and improve concentration. To create a mood-lifting effect, add orange accent pieces. These colored items may also help with promoting attentiveness and creativity. 


In sum, your kids’ study area should be distraction-free, organized, and comfortable. Having such a well-designed space can put your children one step closer to academic success.

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