March 03, 2022

List: 5 Bike Trails to Try in Rizal

The new normal of living has manifested a new mode of transport and way of recreation: cycling. Since this activity is a low-impact exercise, riding a bike doesn’t really feel like a chore. It can also, in fact, be a satisfying way to get fresh air and delightful sights, especially when you go high up in areas like Rizal province. 

In Rizal, you won’t just find modern housing developments like Bloomfield Heights, set amidst natural and historical attractions. Explore the province, and you’ll also see trails that bring excitement to your two-wheeled travels. 

Here are some of them: 

Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal 

Timberland Heights is a 677-hectare training ground bringing together bikers of every level, thanks to its beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails. It is considered the country’s Mountain Biking Capital, making it a favorite spot for bike marathons and races every year.

Timberland Heights is accessible via Kambal Road Extension in San Mateo. Witness the most scenic views while passing through the Green Zone, Blue Zone, and the Black Diamond.

Antenna Hills in Binangonan, Rizal 

If you’re new to cycling, consider visiting Antenna Hills with some experienced biker friends. Its trails are known for their steepness, but the ride will be worthwhile once you see the picturesque views of Laguna Lake and nearby towns. 

Antenna Hills is an ideal biking spot for residents of Antipolo. The trails are less than an hour away from city developments like Bloomfield Heights, offering a visual break from cityscapes. 

Camp Sinai in Antipolo, Rizal 

Another must-try biking trail near Bloomfield Heights in Antipolo is Camp Sinai, located within the summit area of Mt. Baytangan. Camp Sinai is suitable for new cyclists as it’s mostly paved. Still, the journey can have a bit of a challenge since roads here gradually increase in elevation. Finish your ride by having a cup of coffee in the cafe at the peak.

Before heading back, you can also have fun side-trips from Camp Sinai. Pass through the charming routes of Maarat Road (going to San Mateo) and Cabrera Road (going to Taytay).

Laiban-Daraitan Trail in Tanay, Rizal 

Early-rising bikers frequent this trail which connects an unfinished dam and Mt. Daraitan. The trail starts at the road of Laiban, wherein one of the nearest landmarks is the PAGASA Weather Station. 

Before reaching the Laiban Dam, you’ll have to cross a few rivers, cycle downhill, and pass through muddy terrain. Regardless of the rough terrain, this is still one of the most memorable bike trails in the province.

Sierra Madre Loop 

Finally, this route combines the exciting and panoramic routes of Pililia’s Wind Farm and Tanay’s Cafe Katerina. These routes are connected via the 11-kilometer Tanay-Sampaloc Road, offering majestic views of grasslands, mountains, and the lake. 

If you want to give this loop a try, have your brakes checked first and avoid riding in wet weather since there will be a lot of climbs and long descents. 


When not commuting and ready to unwind, your bike remains the equipment to rely on. See the best of Rizal, stay fit, and feel free as you visit these trails in your next two-wheeled adventure

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