February 02, 2022

Vlogging Essentials to Creating a Video Studio Set Up at Home

Aside from serving as a means to share your life and thoughts, digital marketing is one reason why vlogging has become widespread, especially in this new normal. At present, there are thousands of vloggers you can follow on different platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Vloggers with specialized niches and a high number of followers and views can even earn from their vlogs, making it an ideal hobby that allows you to earn income.

If you plan on being a vlogger at home, there are different things and equipment you can invest in that will allow you to produce better videos that your followers will surely appreciate. If you live in a beautiful house and lot in Camella Sierra Metro East, you can set up your own vlogging studio at home! You can use the rooms in your house or turn half of your bedroom into a vlogging studio.

Here are some of the equipment you need to prepare to help set up your home studio:


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You may use your smartphone as a starting camera to shoot your videos. However, if you want to get more precise shots, you may invest in a DSLR. You may also consider switching lenses depending on your liking. But if you are into streaming, you may also use a webcam. Whether you plan to use your phone or a DSLR camera for your vlogs, don’t forget to invest in memory storage since you will be recording many videos. These can take up much space in your gadgets and other memory storage devices such as memory cards and external hard drives.


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Phones and cameras usually have built-in microphones. However, if you want your voice to be crisper and louder for your audience, you may use a third-party microphone you can connect to an audio recording tool on your computer. You can use dynamic microphones, condenser mics, lavalier or lapel microphones, or shotgun microphones. When choosing a microphone, make sure to select one that has good sound quality.


It will be tiring to hold your camera while you shoot. It will also limit your movement and your hands. To capture the best shots you want, it would be best to use a tripod. You can either choose a tripod you can set on the floor, something you can mount on the wall, or place it on your desk. Most light rings also have provisions for you to place your phone or camera so they can serve as your lighting and tripod.


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Sufficient lighting is also essential when you record vlogs at home. If you live in Camella Sierra Metro East, all bedrooms have large windows you can open in the morning for more natural light. You may add more lighting according to your liking if natural light entering your room is not enough or if you plan on recording at night. You can opt to invest in photography softboxes, but a great alternative is a ring light with adjustable lighting settings if you are on a budget.

Audio and Video Editing Softwares

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After recording your raw videos, you should use audio and video editing software to cut and stitch your chosen footage. Your audio software can also improve your audio quality and help you add sound effects to your video to make it more lively and exciting.


You have the freedom to choose your own background. However, aside from creating an interior design, you may use a screen, wall, or green screen and select a background you can use while editing your video.  Whatever background you choose, make sure that it looks tidy so your viewers won’t be distracted by the mess behind you.

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