February 02, 2022

How to Deep Clean Your Fridge

Your fridge is your treasure chest of food. Due to the purpose it serves, it is one of the most-used appliances at home, and sometimes, homeowners are guilty of not being able to give their fridge some TLC.

Your fridge may be cross-contaminated and have spills and splashes of food items that can be icky, especially if they’re not cleaned immediately. As a vessel for your food items, your fridge deserves a scrub-a-dub-dub at least twice to four times a year to make sure that it is squeaky clean and a safe place to store the things you put inside your body. A dirty and messy fridge can be a health hazard. Not keeping your fridge in tip-top shape will also cost you money because you may end up wasting more food.

If you need advice on how to deep clean your fridge in your Camella Sierra Metro East home, here are easy to follow steps you should follow:

Prepare Your Cleaning Equipment

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You will need a cloth or towel, some brush, a putty knife or toothpick, vacuum, a bucket of water, and baking soda.

Unplug Your Fridge

For your safety, it is best to unplug your refrigerator and turn off the circuit breaker since you will use water while cleaning your fridge. Unplugging your fridge will avoid an accident in your house and lot in Camella Sierra Metro East if there is any spill or splash of any water on your floor or on the wall that is near any electrical outlet.

Remove Everything You Can

To deep clean your fridge, it would be best to remove all the contents of your fridge. Once you’ve removed all the contents of your fridge, it is also best to detach the removable compartments of your fridge so that you can clean them separately.

Clean the Interior and Its Detached Compartments

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The shelves and other detachable compartments of your fridge can be cleaned using hot water and mild dish soap. You may also soak them in water with baking soda to break down the gunks. However, if these are made of glass, it is best to use room temperature water to avoid breaking them. You may also use a small brush or a toothpick to clean the cracks in your fridge and remove any unwanted dirt sitting in them. After cleaning your fridge and its shelves and compartments, make sure to dry them.

Clean Door Seals

Your fridge’s ribbed door seals or gaskets collect debris, mildew, and molds, so clean and dry them to remove all these gunk. Cleaning your door seals well will prevent any mildew and molds further growing into them, and they will also make your fridge tightly sealed.

Clean the Exterior of Your Refrigerator

If your fridge has a lot of magnets, it would be best to remove them and clean your displays. Once all your magnets are removed, you may clean the exterior of your fridge by wiping its doors, sides, and handles with your cleaning solution and drying them well before placing back your magnets and other decorative items. Don't forget your condenser coils at the back of your fridge. You may vacuum the coils to remove any trapped dust and pet hair if you have pets indoors.

Sort What Needs to Go Inside Your Fridge

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Before scheduling a grocery shopping trip to the nearest grocery store in Camella Sierra Metro East, it is best to look into the food you have removed from your fridge. Any items that have already spoiled or expired should be thrown away. You may then include these items in your shopping list.


Before putting food in your fridge, make sure to wipe their containers clean and stock your refrigerator in an organized manner and make sure to place food nearing expiration in a place it is easy to see.

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