February 02, 2022

4 Home Design Lessons from All-Time Favorite Netflix Shows

Top shows on Netflix don’t just offer comfort and entertainment. When you look closer at the characters’ living spaces, you’ll find design lessons you can apply in real life. 

When designing your new home in PHirst Calamba, here are principles to keep in mind, taken from the most popular Netflix shows. Consider this also as a list of shows to binge-watch or rewatch:

Friends: Create a Home That Reflects Your Personality

Monica’s apartment in the iconic sitcom Friends is famous in New York City, featuring bright colors and evoking a fun vibe.

In the kitchen area, she has open shelving with various neatly arranged items. Being a chef and a clean freak, she likes a convenient space for cooking with everything well-organized.

Monica also has houseplants in every nook and cranny of her apartment, which helps improve indoor air quality. Meanwhile, the purple walls reflect her energetic personality, dominance, and independence.

Grace and Frankie: Boho Style and Coastal Beach Vibe Perfectly Match

BFFs Grace and Frankie don’t just share a strong bond but also a charming oceanfront home. It has elegant coastal interiors with touches of boho decor, making it a sanctuary of fresh, earthy tones. 

To recreate its calming atmosphere in your home at PHirst Calamba, choose a blue and cream palette for the walls. Break the serene monotony by using dark orange accent chairs or patterned pillows. You can also add nautical accessories and rustic wooden tables for a casual beachy interior.

Goblin: It Pays to Give an Antique Look to Your Home

Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo) possesses an immortal life in the hit K-drama series, Goblin. Hence, it’s no surprise that his mansion is filled with antiques and timeless art pieces. These elements complement the archways and marble floors of the mansion, offering a dated yet sophisticated look.

Even when you own a modern, newly built home in PHirst Calamba, you can achieve a rustic interior by having vintage light fixtures, mirrors, and rugs. Take it a notch higher by installing a marble kitchen countertop, with its swirls and veins exhibiting an old-world charm.

How to Get Away With Murder: Go Victorian for a Quintessential Look

For Victorian-style home inspiration, look no further than Annalise Keating’s house in How to Get Away with Murder. The dwelling has an interior that looks straight from the 1800s, featuring wood panels, opulent furnishings, and patterned wallpaper. 

Most scenes happen at Annalise’s home office, so watching the show may also inspire you to craft your own workspace or upgrade an existing one. Add table or floor lamps to copy the darker, more muted colors in the show. Don’t forget to have basic shelves for books and paperwork. The same storage system can be used for other items, such as collectibles or travel souvenirs. 


Learning how to design your home can be fun and easy when you take cues from cozy houses in your favorite shows. But still, pay attention to proper design rules and principles so you won’t end up with a hodge-podge of decors. 

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