February 02, 2022

Tiles vs. Wood Flooring: What Should You Choose?

One of the advantages of buying a bare house is you can customize it according to your preferences. In subdivisions like Camella Sierra Metro East, you can buy an expansive bare house at a lower cost, leaving you with more budget for customizing your interiors. Among the most crucial element in customizing your home is choosing the type of flooring appropriate for your theme. Aside from the theme, your preferences and hobbies should also be considered when choosing your flooring. 

The foundation of your home's appearance is the flooring. When it comes to choosing between tile and wood flooring, we're at a crossroads. This selection is influenced not just by beauty but also by functionality and practicality. Here are a few crucial distinctions that will assist you in making an informed decision. 

Why Choose Wood Flooring

If you are thinking of choosing wood flooring, here are its benefits and disadvantages:

Benefits of Wood Flooring

  • Style: When it comes to deciding between tile and wood flooring, aesthetics are quite essential to consider. Wood flooring contributes to the room's warmth in addition to its beautiful gloss. So, if you want your home to seem warm and inviting, consider installing wooden flooring, at least in your bedroom.
  • Installation: The tongue and groove joints on laminate planks are simple to mend. Before you lay them down, though, check sure the floor is level. 
  • Maintenance: Wood flooring needs to be cleaned by a vacuum. After vacuuming the floor, you should be clean it with a microfiber mop and a special cleaning agent. Sometimes, sanding is required to remove stains and refresh your floor. You can add more oil for wooden floors with an oil finish to reduce visible scratches. 

Disadvantages of Wood Flooring

  • Style: Wood flooring may not go well with all interior themes since it has a limited color palette. 
  • Installation: Although wood flooring is easy to install, leaving gaps in between is necessary as wood expands due to heat. 
  • Maintenance: Wood flooring is more challenging to maintain as it requires various cleaning techniques to keep its quality and to remove any scratches. 
  • Durability: Wood flooring is prone to scratches and not resistant to moisture and water. Extra caution is required when moving heavy furniture. 

Why Choose Tiles

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using tiles:

Benefits of Using Tiles

  • Style: Tile flooring is a popular choice for flooring since it comes in various colors, patterns, and styles. You have a variety of tile selections to choose from, whether you want the tile to add to the ambiance or give a stark contrast.
  • Installation: Cement mortar is used to lay the tiles on top of the base coat, and white cement fills the joints. If you already have a cement floor, you can use an adhesive to install the tiles.
  • Maintenance: Regular dusting and mopping are enough to maintain the tiles. 

Disadvantages of TIles

  • Quality: Tiles can be slippery, making them accident-prone to children and the elderly. 
  • Durability: When not appropriately installed, tiles can easily break.

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