February 02, 2022

How to Create a Home Bicycle Workshop

Many Filipinos are taking up cycling for exercise. And it’s no surprise, as this activity is both fun and challenging. It’s a low-impact exercise, so you get to strengthen your body and improve heart health without having to put too much weight or pressure on your joints and muscles. There’s a certain sense of achievement of traveling to a faraway place with your legs as your engine. Cycling also has social benefits, as you can go on bike trips with friends or even meet new pals while on the road.

Another fascinating part of cycling is maintenance and repair. Bikes are simple machines with modular parts. So, anyone who learns basic repair skills can keep their bike in tip-top shape. Plus, doing all the maintenance yourself saves you from a lifetime of bike shop bills. 

The first step in self-sufficient bike repair and maintenance is to build a workshop in your PHirst Calamba home. Here are the essential equipment you’ll need to kickstart your bike experiments.

Bike Stand

A stand keeps your bike steady while you’re working on it. There are different variations of bike stands. The most basic ones hug your bike’s front or back wheel. You could also get a professional work stand that lets you elevate the bicycle. This way, you can work on components like the bottom bracket or derailleurs. Pro stands are also great for tune-ups. The wheels freely spin when elevated, allowing you to adjust gears and brakes in real-time. 

Work Desk

Sometimes, you need to remove small parts from your bike for inspection and relubrication. A small work desk is a perfect surface for these tasks. Benches are also great for tool and material storage. 

Allen Key Set

Most of the screws on bicycles have hexagonal sockets. The parts you frequently adjust, like the seat post and headset, have hex bolts. The sizes of these bolts vary from one bike brand to another. So, it helps to have a complete set of Allen keys. These can range from affordable sets made from soft metal to heavy-duty, coated steel wrenches. It’s best to get the latter if you have the extra cash. They last longer and cost you less in the long run.

Tire Tools

The wheels take up most of the road’s punishment. So, they need a lot of attention and maintenance to ensure they work properly. Essential wheel and tire equipment include the track pump, which lets you fill your tires with the right amount of air in a matter of seconds. Tire levers are also handy tools that allow you to remove tires in a jiff when you’re repairing a flat. There’s also the patch kit, which lets you cover holes in your wheel’s inner tube when you get a flat. 


The screws and metal parts on your bike, except for your brake pads and brake rotors, should be greased before you install them. This ensures that they don’t grind against the metal parts they interface with, making them last longer. 

Torque Wrench

Some bolts on your bike may have torque rating labels. This indicates how much force you need to exert to secure the bolt properly. It’s best to use a torque wrench for these screws. This tool lets you apply the exact torque according to recommended specifications. Using too much force can irreversibly damage your bike. 


Cycling is one of the most enjoyable physical activities. It’s also an excellent hobby for people who like tinkering with machines. The tools mentioned above are all you need to create a basic home workshop. They cover tune-ups and beginner repairs. Feel free to upgrade them or add more advanced tools to your arsenal if you want to take on more challenging upgrades and maintenance tasks. 

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