February 02, 2022

How to Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Summer

The summer season in the Philippines can be tough, with temperatures reaching upwards of 28 degrees celsius during the hottest months. So, you tend to use multiple electric fans or run your air conditioner longer to keep your PHirst Calamba home at a comfortable temperature. The kids are at home most of the time during this season, too. Your electricity bill will see a considerable surge. 

If you want to beat the heat without breaking the bank, here are different ways to keep your energy consumption low.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Maintained

If your AC filters and radiator are clogged with dust, it will work harder than usual to cool your room. Fortunately, many window-type air conditioners are easy to take apart and clean. Wash the filter using a hose to get rid of the muck and dirt and dry it out in the open air. Make sure it’s completely dry before installing it into your air conditioner. 

Some dirt can make its way into the more intricate components of your AC. As such, it’s best to leave the maintenance to professionals. The repair people may also find possible problems in the appliance and fix them before they get worse. Regular maintenance saves money, as it keeps your AC’s energy consumption low and prevents costly repairs in the future.

Put Your Windows to Work

About 76% of the sunlight that enters the window becomes heat, making it more difficult for your air conditioning unit to cool your room. Stop wasting energy by using window coverings. This can come in the form of curtains, roman shades, and blinds which block the sun’s heat from entering your house. If you want to enjoy natural light, install a window film. This shaded plastic film blocks heat and protects against ultraviolet rays and glare. 

Use Fans at Night

Because summer nights are significantly colder, you don’t need to crank up your air conditioner. Use your electric fan while keeping your AC at its lowest cooling setting. This creates rushes of cold air, called the wind chill effect, keeping you cozy while lowering your energy consumption. You could also turn the AC off and open your windows at night. Let the electric fan redirect the cold outside breeze around your room. 

Unplug Your Devices

Even when electronic devices are turned off but still plugged in, they may enter a standby state. This means they still consume a small amount of power, which adds up over time. The longer they’re plugged in, the more you have to pay. Unplug your television, game console, and charger when not in use to save energy.


Philippine summers can be pretty brutal. The hot and humid weather forces you to crank up your AC unit to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This always results in a significantly more expensive than usual electricity bill. Get in the habit of unplugging unused devices, using window covers properly, making the most out of your electric fan, and keeping your AC well-maintained. These are sure to shave a few pesos off your next bill. 

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