February 02, 2022

How to Boost Your WiFi Signal and Speed at Home

Because of the lockdown measures going on for more than two years now, you likely do most of your work in your PHirst Calamba home. If you live with roommates or family members, you share the house’s internet connection with them. The kids are always online since they use the internet for Zoom classes, social media, and gaming. The adults, on the other hand, are busy with remote work.

If your internet connection is unstable or inconsistent, you’ll have problems submitting your work or presenting essential reports. Plus, nothing ruins a family movie marathon like the Netflix buffering symbol showing up every few seconds. 

Don’t settle for frustratingly slow and inconsistent internet connections. Here are different ways to boost your WiFi signal and speed at home. 

Measure Speeds in Different Areas of Your Home

First, you need to identify the dead spots in your home. These are areas that WiFi signals have trouble reaching. If your router is downstairs, the dead zones may be located on the highest floor in your house. You can identify these by running speed tests in different parts of the property. Use free tools like Ookla’s Speedtest.net.

Note down the areas which have significantly lower download speeds and higher ping. Your workspace may be located in these problem zones, which may be the reason you’re experiencing slow loading speeds.

Use WiFi Extenders

Now that you know the dead zones in your home, you can start boosting the WiFi connection to that area. You can do this by simply moving your router closer to these zones. However, some routers don’t allow for much movement. If this is the case, you should use WiFi extenders. These work by receiving a signal from your router and boosting it in its surrounding area. 

Installing and operating these extenders are pretty straightforward. Place them in a dead zone and plug them into a power supply. Then, connect to the repeater using your computer and input your router’s details. Once it’s set up, you can enjoy consistent and fast WiFi speeds wherever you are at home. 

Configure Your Router

You can configure your router to get faster and more reliable WiFi. These include:

  • Kick out WiFi bandits – The more people are connected to your router, the more bandwidth the household consumes. If your current bandwidth can only accommodate four users, having five or more people connected to the router may slow the connection down. That said, kick out devices you don’t recognize, as these may be neighbors or bystanders taking advantage of your boosted WiFi. Once you remove the stragglers, change your router password immediately to keep them out. 
  • Prioritize your connections – You can also configure your WiFi router to prioritize essential websites like your work portal, email suite, and your kids’ online school sites. While this may slow down connections to other sites, it’s worth the connection stability and speed you get during crucial video calls with your colleagues and clients. 


Fast and stable internet connectivity at home has never been more critical than now. You need to make sure your WiFi can handle your work demands and the needs of your housemates. Use these tips to make your router work better and more efficiently.

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