February 02, 2022

Quick Guide on Setting Up Your Living Room

Setting up your living room may seem like an easy task at first. But once you are starting to arrange your furniture, it can be more challenging. When moving to a new spacious house like those in Camella Sierra Metro East, there are endless possibilities for your furniture arrangement. Among the most crucial parts of the home is the living room, as this is the first area you see upon entering the house, and this is where you welcome your guests. 

If you are fond of hosting house parties and want to set up your living room in a way that your personal style will be highlighted, it can become overwhelming. Setting up your living room should be a fun process that you and your loved ones can enjoy as you dress up your new home. 

How to Set Up Your Living Room

If you have a spacious and lovely house and want your living room to be stylish, here are some tips that may help you: 

  • Create a focal point and arrange your furniture around it. The focal point of your living room can be a big television, window, shelf, art piece, chandelier, or whatever object you want to be the first thing people notice about your living room. By setting up the focal point first, it will be easier for you to determine how much space you need in between your pieces of furniture. 
  • Create conversation areas using your furniture. The purpose of a living room is to bring comfort and encourage communication among household members and guests. If you have an expansive living room, you can arrange at least two to three sets of conversation areas by putting side tables in between couches. If you are to buy new pieces of furniture, it is best to get the exact measurements of your living room to see what size of furniture would fit perfectly. Avoid purchasing furniture that would take up too much or too little space. 
  • Avoid pushing back your furniture against the wall. You can create a more intimate ambiance by positioning your pieces of furniture closer together while maintaining enough distance in between to make it look more spacious and less crowded. 
  • Accessorize your living room with paintings, photos, or wall art. To avoid making your living room look dull, you can add a few decorations on the wall. You can also use 3D wallpapers to add more texture to your living room wall. 
  • Do not forget to include rugs and a coffee table. Using rugs and a coffee table is an excellent way to direct your guests to the conversation areas without having to tell them. Aside from their functionality, these elements also add more personality to your living room. When choosing a coffee table, remember that it must be at least an inch lower than your couch. Rugs should also complement the size of your couch. Avoid using small rugs as it can make our living room look disproportionate.

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