February 02, 2022

Incorporating Grunge Style Into Your Interior Decors

Using your favorite genre as an inspiration for your interior decor is an excellent way to customize your home. Suppose it is your first time redecorating your home. In that case, the process can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have hundreds of interior themes to choose from. If you also have a spacious home like those in Camella Sierra Metro East, it can indeed be confusing where to start. If you want the process to be as personal as possible and want the outcome to be inspirational, you might want to incorporate an interior theme based on a genre. 

Among the popular music genres turned into a design inspiration is grunge. Grunge is a subgenre of alternative rock and subculture that became popular during the 1980s. The aesthetic can be characterized by the messiness that attempts to play with the silhouettes. Grunge aesthetic usually includes gray, brown, black, and beige as the base for the color palettes, perfect for individuals who want a classy yet laidback interior theme. Grunge’s color palette makes the interiors look classy, while the textures and arrangement give a more relaxing appeal. 

Tips on Using Grunge Aesthetic In Your Interior Decors

If you are planning to makeover your home and have chosen grunge as your theme, here are the basic tips that can help you in making the redecorating process as seamless as possible: 

  • Use raw plaster walls. Raw plaster walls are unpainted walls wherein you can see the pink and red streaks of the raw plaster. To achieve this, you can simply apply plaster to your wall. You may do it neatly for a more classy look or coarsely for more texture. 
  • Industrial lighting. Raw plaster walls can make a room appear darker, so industrial lighting is usually used as contrast. Industrial light provides excellent lighting and complements dark walls, making it necessary for the grunge aesthetic. For industrial lighting, you may use metal lighting or concrete lighting. 
  • Use earth colors and textures for your furniture. Among the favored material for grunge aesthetics is jute. From side tables to rugs, jute is among the top option for grunge aesthetics. Jute provides a natural yet classy and relaxed appearance, making it an important element in the grunge interior theme. 
  • Incorporate barn wood paneling. Nothing screams grunge like barn wood paneling. It exudes the edginess and earthiness that grunge is all about. 
  • Incorporate rustic flooring. If you have an untidy wooden floor, grunge is the perfect theme to make it look aesthetically pleasing without spending too much. Just throw on some jute mats on the floor, and you already have grunge-themed flooring. 
  • Use distressed fabric. To achieve an untidy, relaxed look, you can use clothes with natural wrinkles to give your home a laidback appeal. 
  • Display some abstract artworks. Abstract artworks are among the most appropriate decorations to give your home an edgy yet classy appeal. These also add color and excitement to the seemingly dull color palette of grunge. 
  • Use a soft grunge color palette. If you want to add more color, you can try to add more soft grunge colors, which are composed mainly of pastel colors.

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