February 02, 2022

Does Brutalist Interior Fit Your Home?

Brutalist architecture is a minimalist architectural style that emerged in the United Kingdom during the postwar reconstruction projects of the 1950s. Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist constructions highlighting the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design. The style commonly uses exposed, unpainted concrete or brick, angular geometric shapes, and a predominantly monochrome color palette.

Brutalist structures are typically made up of repeating modular pieces that symbolize certain functional zones and are clearly articulated and grouped into a coherent whole. In terms of the principal purposes of the buildings, graphic expressions in the external elevations and the whole-site architectural plan are frequently emphasized.

Brutalism has always been divisive; individual buildings and the style as a whole have evoked criticism, typically described as soulless, but it has also ignited admiration from architects and local people. Over the years, several brutalist buildings have become cultural icons.

Suppose you have an expansive house like Camella Sierra Metro East and want to take advantage of its spaciousness by incorporating a bold interior theme. In that case, brutalism may be the perfect choice for you. Brutalism has captured the interest of many people recently, making it among the slowly rising trends. In addition, its minimalistic approach works well with various modern themes, making it a bold yet practical interior theme to work with.

As minimalist, multipurpose pieces of furniture have taken the world by storm, many people have been looking for interior themes that can go well with minimalism without looking dull. Since brutalism heavily focuses on textures, angles, and shapes, it can make your home look edgy without putting much decoration.

If you want to veer away from current trends but want your home to have a hint of modernity, brutalism might be the style that fits your home. Brutalism's interior theme is also suitable for individuals working from home as it focuses mainly on functionality. If you want to buy wall-mounted folding tables or beds and want to make them look as classy as possible, you should consider incorporating brutalism in your interiors.

Although brutalism still exudes boldness, modern variations soften some of its elements, particularly concrete, making it suitable for individuals who want to try the brutalism interior theme.

Bold art pieces also go well with brutalism, suitable for individuals who want to explore more about themselves and express themselves through art. A brutalism interior theme might make it more comfortable for artists to display their artwork at home without embarrassment.

If you are outgoing or want to be more outgoing, turning your home into a brutalism-inspired haven might give you the confidence and courage you need. As brutalism is meant to be provocative, you can incorporate as many provocative and controversial designs as you want.

If your home redecoration is a significant part of your growth and you want to make it as meaningful as possible, choosing a brutalism interior theme originating from a rebellion might just be what you and your home need. 

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