February 02, 2022

5 Tips on Making a Mosaic Mural at Home

Artworks add uniqueness and lasting impressions to homes. From paintings to sculptures, having different works adorning your space mimics the feel of being in a museum or art gallery every day. And if you’re planning to go big, your bare walls await revamping and becoming wall murals.

The most popular wall murals are in painted and mosaic form. The latter recreates the classical look of many Italian and Mediterranean interiors. Mosaic murals are also doable and perfect for improving your crafting skills.

Learn from these five tips to build a mosaic mural on your home’s walls:

Plan Your Design

Mural designs can either be contemporary or inspired by centuries-old art pieces. But if you’re new to mural art, start with something simple. Search online for designs using geometric patterns and different colors. Draw your design with a pencil on your wall lightly.

Now, if you’re after more complicated designs, take a look at styles from different countries. For example, if you’re after an Italian style, go for fruit bowls or a vineyard view from a balcony. Oriental styles are also suitable for mosaic walls. Designs with bamboo grass, cherry blossom trees, paper lanterns, and koi fish will complement zen-inspired homes such as Bloomfield Heights in Antipolo, Rizal.

Choose Your Tiles

Wall mosaic art is usually done with colorful and different-shaped tile pieces. Select which tiles you’ll want for your mural. Many hardware stores sell tiles ranging from glass, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone types.

Take a look at your design and designate which tiles you want to use for each part. For example, use matte tiles such as ceramic and stone for the background. Use glossy tiles such as glass or porcelain for the main subject of the artwork. Combining tiles of different types, textures, and finishes will result in a stunning feature wall.

Use the Right Adhesive

Certain tile types need the right adhesive to stick to your wall properly. You’ll want to use the right type to achieve durable and clean mosaic mural art. Here is a simplified guide on which adhesives are suitable for your tile pieces:

  • Ceramic - water-resistant adhesives; will prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Stone - color-matching adhesives to maintain the natural look of stone.
  • Glass - weather-resistant adhesives, especially if your mosaic will be outdoors. 
  • Porcelain - fast-setting, dense, and impervious adhesives.

When getting tile adhesives for different tile types, they must be flexible and water-resistant. You want your mural art to remain intact, clean, and stunning, especially when you’re building one in moist places such as on your bathroom or garden wall.

Clean Dirt and Excess Adhesive

After sticking all of your tile pieces to your mural design, it’s time to clean dirt, grime, and excess adhesives. Wait for your tile work to dry to prevent them from moving and unsticking from your wall. Use a damp sponge to wipe residual glue away from the faces of the tiles.

Read your cleaner’s instructions before cleaning your mosaic tile art. You want to avoid ruining your work and avoiding any accidents with chemicals. 

Apply Grout

Wait for your mosaic to dry at least 24 hours before sealing it with grout. If you’re working with powder grout, use a mask to prevent inhaling the particles. Use latex gloves as well to protect your hands. Lastly, make sure to read the instructions for your grout to know how much water to put before mixing.

After creating your grout mix, dab a handful amount on your mosaic’s surface. Spread the mix until all parts of the mosaic are covered. Get into all the gaps and cracks by pushing the grout in to ensure all parts are sealed properly. Clean the excess grout from your mosaic surface with a damp rag or sponge.


Mosaic murals are beautiful works of art that create interesting designs and textures on your wall. They also let you combine traditional techniques with new ones to create fantastic feature walls. Do these five tips to build your own unique mosaic wall art.

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