January 01, 2022

7 Essential Items for Your Coffee Bar at Home

Ah, coffee! One of the best beverages in the world. Centuries of coffee making spurred different flavors and blends from around the world. Coffee also comes in different forms, namely organic beans, ground coffee, and instant. But no matter the type, coffee will always have a special space in many caffeine lovers’ hearts. So much so that many take the time to build a coffee bar in their homes!

With many people staying indoors due to the ongoing pandemic, having fresh brewed and sweet coffee blends are essential for staying productive and energized every day. Plus, making coffee at home is more cost-effective than always ordering from coffee shops.

Build your home coffee bar in Bloomfield Heights with these seven essential items:


The first and most important part of your coffee bar should be–you guessed it, coffee! Many commercial coffee shops offer their special grounds, coffee pods, and mixes for sale. Some may also present a monthly subscription for coffee beans to be delivered to your home. 

On another note, supporting local coffee farmers is a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to get coffee grounds. You’ll also be helping farmers and smaller local businesses to thrive. Coffee lovers may get local coffee grounds from Batangas, Cavite, and Palawan.

Coffee Press

Coffee presses are perhaps one of the most basic manual devices for making coffee. They’re useful during power outages and when you need to bring coffee on your camping and hiking trips. Plus, French and Aero press also provide aesthetics to your kitchen counter or bar table.

Your coffee press is also an excellent milk frother. Pour in hot milk into the glass vessel. Place the lid and move the plunger up and down for one minute, and you’ll have the perfect milk foam to decorate your coffee blends.

Moka Pot

Moka pots are staple devices in Italian houses and coffee shops. Unlike a French or Aero press, Moka pots need to be placed on a stovetop to brew coffee. These are portable and cheaper alternatives to an espresso machine. If you're getting started with making espresso at home, a Moka pot is a must-have in yout kitchen.

Moka pots are pretty easy to use, although you’ll need a few pointers to use them properly. Fill the base of your Moka up only up to the level of the valve. Keep your flame low to regulate the flow and pressure of your coffee. After every use, clean your Moka pot with hot water and dry thoroughly before screwing the parts back together.

Cold Brew Maker

If you love iced coffee, you must have a cold brew maker. Compared to coffee poured over ice, cold brew coffee has a bolder taste. It also has lower acidity levels than hot brewed coffee. In a way, cold brew is a safer alternative for people who are acidic but can’t go on a day without coffee.

Place your favorite coffee grounds inside the metal infuser. Then, pour cold water into the pitcher until it submerges the infuser. Cover it with the lid, and let it brew on your counter or fridge for 18 to 24 hours. Pour your brew in a mason jar or clear glass, add sugar, and milk foam, and enjoy your delicious iced coffee.

Froth Maker

People who love milk and liquid creamer in their coffee should have a froth maker in their home coffee bar. A handheld electric froth maker is affordable and easy to use for adding oomph to your coffee. They’re also easy to clean and will fit in cozy kitchen spaces.

Now, if you want something more state-of-the-art, get a frothing pitcher. A stainless steel one is best since it is also where you’ll steam your milk before frothing it. Besides making cute bubbles for your coffee, use your frothing pitcher to improve your latte art skills.

Coffee Grinder

Different coffee makers require the right coffee grounds to create perfect brews. A handheld or electric coffee grinder lets you grind your coffee beans to your desired grind size. The fineness or coarseness of your grounds will determine the strength and flavor of your coffee.

Read instructions and search for video tutorials on achieving the correct coffee texture for your coffee makers. You want to have the right grounds to make your cup of coffee perfect all the time.

Espresso Machine

Amp up your coffee-making game by investing in an espresso machine. It has a built-in coffee grinder and milk steamer, letting you experience being a barista in a premium coffee shop.

An espresso machine may cost a fortune, but it is worth having an efficient device that lets you create various coffee blends. Your coffee-making skills will also improve and be enough to impress your other coffee-loving friends.


A home coffee bar is a sanctuary for people who love the smell of freshly ground beans and brewed coffee. It is also where caffeine fixes are made to power people throughout the day. Create a zone where you can enjoy your love for coffee while connecting with your inner barista with these seven home coffee bar essentials.

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