January 01, 2022

How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is the time to spread love, appreciate the people you love, and send gifts such as flowers, sweets, and other memorable trinkets. And because it is a well-loved celebration, many Valentine’s Day “traditions” need time, effort, and cash for people to enjoy the day of love and hearts. However, one shouldn’t break the bank for a memorable Valentine’s Day!

If you’re planning to save some coin, fear not. Take a look at these five ways to spend your Valentine’s Day on a budget without compromising your quality time with your other half and loved ones:

Dine at Home

Save money by cooking and dining at home. Get steak cuts, wine, and pasta ingredients in your local market or grocery store. You’ll be surprised at how cheap to cook “fine-dining” food in your own kitchen in Bloomfield Heights.

Check for recipes online on how to prepare the perfect romantic dinner date for two…or more if your Valentine’s Day is a family affair. Set your table with silk or fancy tablecloth and place candles, plates, cutlery, and other pieces that will mimic the feel of your favorite restaurant for cheap.

Go to a Museum

Museums are more than just repositories of history. Some have art galleries showcasing works with different art styles, mediums, and subjects. Take your other half for a museum date and look at the many paintings, illustrations, and mixed-media work. You and your partner will have a glimpse at many artists’ minds, beliefs, and personalities.

Some museums also have restaurants and coffee shops with romantic vibes and social-media-worthy backdrops. An example is the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, Rizal. Get a chance to admire some of the country’s best works of art, enjoy the sweeping views of Antipolo, and have a cup of coffee and snacks as you soak up all the art and culture.

Stream Your Favorite Shows or Movies

Even before the pandemic hit, online streaming sites became the popular platform for people to watch various shows and movies at home. With new COVID variants emerging, streaming your favorite programs and films at home is a safer and budget-friendlier way to spend time with your partner.

Plan a watchlist of the films you want to watch. Choose one or two movies from different genres and write their titles on pieces of paper. Put those pieces in a jar and pick one randomly; whichever title you get is what you’ll watch. Doing this game also saves you time deciding what to watch, especially if you and your partner have different preferences.

Plan a Game Night

After your romantic candlelight dinner, set up a card or board game and play until you and your partner calls it a day. Some of the games you should try are Uno, Jenga, Monopoly Deal, Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme?, Catan, Scattergories, and Pictionary.

The Internet also hosts many online games you can play in twos or teams. Set up your devices and invite other friends for a double-date game night. Popular virtual games include Among Us, Don’t Starve Together, Trivia, and 20 Questions.

Stage a Photoshoot at Home

Love those aesthetic couple photos you see on your social media feed? Stage a themed photoshoot at home! Check your wardrobe for clothing pieces that create interesting looks. Got that animal onesie staying in your closet for a year? Have a pajama-themed photoshoot!

After your shoot, select which pictures you want to share online. Edit them to create crisper and more appealing images. You’ll have posts that are double-tap-worthy and sure to make your Valentine’s Day 2022 cost-effective and one for the books.


Celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. What’s important is to enjoy the day with your significant other and loved ones. Do one or two of these five things on February 14 and save some coin while celebrating love.

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