January 01, 2022

5 Heart-Shaped Plants Perfect as Valentine's Day Gifts

Flowers, particularly roses, are perhaps one of two staple presents for Valentine’s Day. Couples worldwide allot their budgets to get bouquets, chocolates, and stuffed bears. But while flowers are beautiful, they’ll wither in a few weeks, even if you put them in a vase with water. Plus, flower arrangements can be pretty expensive.

If your other half is a plant parent, take a look at these five heart-shaped plants perfect as Valentine’s Day presents. The best part? These won’t die and will live with the proper care and love:

Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Philodendrons have bold green heart-shaped leaves that grow out of thin stems. These plants look like some ivy plants, making them beautiful creeper displays indoors. If your partner is just getting started with their plant parenting skills, heart-leaf philodendrons are the perfect gift because they are hardy, low-maintenance, and beginner-friendly.

Note that philodendrons grow quite fast, so you’ll need to regulate their growth by cutting a few leaves and stems. They also require regular misting; add a mister spray to your gift to show you love to your other half.

Hoya Cacti

Who wouldn’t love heart-shaped cacti as presents? Hoya cacti, or sweetheart cacti, are heart-shaped succulents with the pointy tip planted on the ground. They’re portable plants suitable as natural accents for any home. If you’re looking for a cute and romantic display for your room at Bloomfield Heights, consider adding this succulent.

A hoya cactus may seem like a single heart-shaped leaf, but smaller hearts may grow from it. You may leave them alone to grow or transfer the small cuttings to new pots and let them grow into individual sweetheart succulents.

String of Hearts

String of Hearts is another trailing plant ideal for your partner’s condo or house. They’re like tinier versions of the heart-leaf philodendrons, only with pale green leaves and wider gaps between each sprout. Some may also have leaves with silver edges, making them more special plants for Valentine’s day.

In your home, place your string of hearts in a speckled muted gray pot or hanging planter. The container will add style and aesthetics to your present. Your plant-loving partner will surely love their tiny heart creeper plants.


If you’re looking for romantic flowers other than roses, anthuriums are excellent options. Their plastic-looking flowers may be offputting at first, but they provide an elegant and long-lasting feel to your indoors. Anthuriums can have white, pink, or red flowers and deep green leaves. Get one that grows out of a moss ball so you can easily place it on the corner of your counter or home office desk.

Research which anthurium species is best for your climate. For instance, Anthurium andreanum, or oilcloth flowers, have larger blooms but are more high-maintenance. On the other hand, the Anthurium scherzerianum variation is hardier; they thrive in average room temperature, high humidity, and continuously moist soil.

Heart Fern

Give your lover a Valentine’s-Day-themed terrarium with heart ferns. These dwarf ferns have glossy green leaves that are slightly fuzzy at the bottom. Heart ferns are held by black stems that blend well with the soil, making them look like they’re floating.

When getting a heart fern terrarium, choose one placed in apothecary jars or geometrical glass containers. Your gift will be a beautiful ecosystem in a jar that will thrive when loved and taken care of properly.


This Valentine’s Day, choose to give plants that will live longer than just a few days or weeks. Select from these adorable and lovely heart-shaped greens and give the best present to your plant-loving other half.

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