January 01, 2022

Housewarming Gift Ideas that Will Turn Any House Into a Home

Did you finally convince your relative or friend to be your neighbor in the scenic Governor’s Hills subdivision in General Trias, Cavite? Buying a home is a milestone. To welcome your new neighbor or anyone you know who has recently purchased and moved into their new house, a thoughtful and useful housewarming gift can make them feel welcome. Gifts can also ease the overwhelming process of moving in and adjusting to their new home.

Your housewarming gift should not necessarily be expensive for it to be appreciated. A well-thought-out gift that matches the needs or wants of your receiver coupled with a sincere desire to be generous is what matters.

Here are some housewarming gift ideas you can give to your friends and neighbors who have recently moved into their new abode:

Microfiber Dish Towels

True, this may not be the flashiest nor the most flattering gift you can bring to a housewarming party, but this is a very practical gift that the receiver will mostly use. Choosing soft towels that are non-abrasive will make the perfect dish towels since they won’t leave a scratch on ceramic and glassware when they are used to dry.

Personalized Cutting Board

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels

A personalized cutting board is a practical gift, especially for new homeowners or newlyweds. Your receiver would love it for sure and make it one of the design pieces in their kitchen or dining area. Of course, they can also use the other side of it to chop food items.

Indoor Plant

Bring the jungle or a garden inside your friend's brand new home by gifting them with a house-friendly indoor plant. Indoor plants such as spider plants, snake plants, and golden pothos are beautiful additions to a home. Aside from their aesthetically pleasing look, these plants also help clean and improve the air quality indoors.


Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels

A doormat is often the first thing guests see when they arrive at a new home. You may choose an eye-catching doormat with greetings or funny expressions that may give the homeowners or guests a warm welcome. If the new homeowners include elderly ones, maybe you can also give them an anti-slip mat they can place in the bathroom.


If your receiver is a newlywed couple, for sure, they do not have enough cookware yet once they move into their new home. Giving them a pan or a pot will allow them to cook delicious meals. And whenever they use your gift, they will remember you and your thoughtfulness. You can buy them in sets and even have their names engraved for a more personalized gift.

Condiments Dispenser or Spice Jars

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Part of being organized is presenting your things in an aesthetically pleasing way. To help your receiver achieve their goal of arranging their spices and condiments at home for an Instagram-worthy kitchen, a set of condiments dispensers or spice jars is ideal. Instead of displaying their bottles of condiments and varying jars of spices, your gift will contribute to making their kitchen look more organized and beautiful.

Woven Storage Basket

New homeowners can use a storage basket for different purposes. It can be a lovely accent at home where they can put several things such as pillows, blankets, toys. Woven baskets can also serve as a laundry hamper for their clothes. 

Aromatic Candles Set

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels

Lighting scented candles at home is one way to make it cozier. To make it enjoyable for your friend or relative to adjust to their new home in Governor’s Hills, bring a set of aromatic candles they can light whenever they want to fill the spaces of their home with the pleasing scent of the candles you brought.

Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is a chic gift you can give for a housewarming. Neutral-colored blankets are perfect as they go well with different textures and patterns. Your receiver may use this to cozy themselves up during rainy days or whenever they are watching their favorite shows and movies.


Remember to give from the heart whatever item you plan on giving. With these housewarming gift ideas, you won’t have to worry about what to give to your friend, neighbor, or loved one as they move into their new home.

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