January 01, 2022

6 Ways to Make Your Home Elderly-Friendly

Taking care of elders and respecting these gray-headed ones is a constant in Filipino culture. While other cultures send their aging parents to hospitals and nursing homes and visit them occasionally, Filipinos take a different route. It is very common to find households in the Philippines with up to three or four generations of family members. If you reside in a beautiful house and lot in Governor’s Hills and will be bringing home your aging parents to care for them, you will probably want to make your home elderly-friendly before they move in.

Here are some simple ways you can make your home more comfortable for your aging parents or grandparents:

Make More Space

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Before your parents or grandparents move in with you, you may want to check the layout of your home, especially your living room and dining area. You may want to rearrange your furniture and other fixtures so that the senior members of your family won’t bump or knock over on them. It is also best to make sure that your living room is clutter-free to avoid accidents.

Let There Be Enough Light

Poor vision comes with old age. To make your home more livable and comfortable for aging family members, it is best to make sure that your home has good, ample lighting. Proper lighting will make it easier for elderly ones to navigate their way into your home. It can also minimize unwanted accidents. In your parents’ or grandparents' room, it is best to have windows where natural light can come in. You can also add a lamp on their bedside table to easily distinguish the things on their table or if they want to read before they sleep. If there’s no ensuite bathroom in your senior citizens’ room, it is best to install night lights or emergency lights in the hallway so that they will be safer when they go to the bathroom at night.

Install Grab Bars and Railings

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If your home has stairs, it is best to have railings and grab bars installed so that the elderly can grab onto them as they move up or down the stairs. These handles offer extra support when sitting down or getting up the toilet. Just make sure that all your railings and grab bars are fastened tightly and properly so that they can take the weight of a person. You may also add a chair in your shower area if the space allows you to. Seniors can sit on them while they take showers alone, and if they need assistance to take a bath, you will find it a lot easier to bathe them while they are seated since slipping is also minimized.

Have Slip-Resistant Floors

Wet and slippery floors are high risks for the elderly and may cause accidents like slipping. To minimize these, you may install anti-slip floors to your home at Governor’s Hills, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Another thing you can do is to go for anti-slip floor mats or place nonskid mats under your rugs and carpets.

Go For Higher Furniture

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The elderly may find it difficult to sit on low furniture such as beds, chairs, and sofas on their own. That said, it is best to invest in standard height furniture. If you are planning to buy a new bed for them, choose a bed height that allows their feet to reach the floor when they are seated on the edge of the mattress. You may also consider adding a cushioned headboard to their beds.

Substitute Doorknobs With Lever Handles

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Round doorknobs can be challenging to open and stressful for adults who have arthritis and limited mobility. To make it easier for them to open doors in different parts of your home, you may consider substituting your traditional doorknobs with levers. They can also easily open the door with their arms or elbows with levers.


Weeks or even months before your elderly relatives move to your place, make sure to keep these tips in mind. Following these may help achieve a safer home for yourself, your family, and most especially, your aging relatives you will be taking good care of. 

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