January 01, 2022

How to Plan a Picnic Date in Your Balcony

No matter how long couples have been together, going on dates will help keep the fire of their love burning continuously. While going to new places is an exciting date option, not every couple has the luxury to leave their homes and travel to another place to spend quality time together. Due to being first-time parents, retirees, or senior citizens, others may find it more practical to stay at home and plan a romantic date.

A balcony is ideal for a romantic home date because it allows you to eat “outside” without really leaving your home. Moreover, it also enables you to have a great view while eating and cuddling together. If you live in one of the Californian-Mediterranean-themed houses and lots in Governor’s Hills that has a balcony, this article will help you plan the cute picnic date on your balcony. You may schedule this date on Valentine’s day or whenever you want to spend time with your loved one.

Prep Your Balcony

Photo by Rovelyn Camato on Pexels

Since the picnic date will be on your balcony, you should clean and arrange this space in your home. Make sure to remove any debris and dirt from your balcony. If possible, you can also mop, especially if you plan to lay some picnic blanket on your outdoor space.

Style Your Balcony Based on Your Theme

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels

After cleaning the balcony of your house, you may design it depending on the theme of your date. For example, you can have a dainty picnic party by laying gingham picnic blankets and throw pillows for a laidback balcony date. If you want to feel like you’re in a secluded jungle, you may decorate your balcony with the numerous indoor plants you may have to achieve that jungle feel. On the other hand, you may place a teepee or a tent if you plan on a stargazing date.

To complete the ambiance, you may also play some music during your date. Just connect your phone or other devices to a Bluetooth speaker and play some of your favorite songs.

Plan Your Picnic Date Outfit

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels

Though you’ll have an at-home date, you can dress up for your balcony picnic date. Wear something comfortable that goes along with the weather or the theme of your picnic date. Suppose you have an early evening or evening picnic date on your balcony. In that case, you may also prepare some cardigans or extra blankets, since it can be pretty chilly in the evening in the neighborhood.

Go for Easy but Yummy Food Ideas

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

You want to feel relaxed and look fresh during your date. That is why it is best to prepare simple and healthy meals like sliced fruits, chocolates, sweets, mini sandwiches, cupcakes, and chips. If you’re feeling fancy, you may also prepare a charcuterie board. Planning a movie date under the stars? Complete your setup by having popcorn and soda!

Ditch the Phone

Photo by Sơn Bờm on Pexels

Although you can use phones to immortalize and document your special date, it’s important to avoid spending too much time on your phone. After taking pictures and videos, ditch your phone or turn off the notifications so that your 100% attention is with your special someone. Take this opportunity to talk about your relationship and love with each other.

May your balcony picnic date be a success by following these steps, and may this help keep the fire of your love burning bright now and in the years to come. 

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