January 01, 2022

4 Home Decorating Tips Inspired by the Water Tiger

2022 is the year of the Water Tiger According to the Chinese zodiac, the tiger represents strength, determination, independence, and creativity. However, people born on the year of the tiger aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the energy that the tiger brings. There are feng shui principles suitable for decorating homes to attract prosperity, health, happiness, love, and balance. And the best thing is that these are simple yet impactful fixes that anyone can apply to their homes.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home for the new year, here are four decorating tips that maximize the positive attributes of the Water Tiger for your home:

Use Curved and Straight Lines

The characteristics of the Tiger zodiac are mostly related to Yang energy, which includes dominance, competitiveness, loudness, and brightness. Since tigers are predators and wild animals, their characteristics can be translated into home decor items with straight lines, angles, and shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and diamonds.

Balance is the key to good feng shui. Having too much Yang energy may invite aggression, anger, anxiety, sleepless nights, and lack of focus. Balance this by introducing Yin in the form of curved shapes, such as circles, ovals, and ellipses, into your decor. For example, bowls will complement your decorative square and rectangular dishes displayed on your shelves or coffee table. Curved items also complement the angles and crisp lines of The Forest Residences Midori units.

Incorporate Plants and Mist

Plants and mist are crucial to exemplify the water tiger. Add indoor plants, such as lucky bamboo, jade plants, and snake plants, to represent the wood element into your home. Because the main element is water, bring in mist through air purifiers, humidifiers, and mist machines. Indoor fountains and flower vases with water are also suitable pieces to represent water in your home.

Place Mirrors and Glass

Mirrors are attributed to the water element and Yin energy. Since mirrors reflect objects, they are perfect Yin pieces to balance the Yang energy of the tiger in your home. Hang mirrors in your hallway, bedroom, and bathroom to reflect the positive energy around your space.

Aside from mirrors, glass objects also “mirror” the good fortunate you want for your space. Use glass vases or bowls to reflect light better in your home. Place these on your wooden surfaces to balance the energy flow. In addition, aquariums are also a great way to emulate the playfulness of tigers. Your glass tank will contain water, marine plants, and fish, elements that reflect light and add life to your house or condo unit.

Bring the Tiger Into Your Home

A Water Tiger-inspired home won’t be complete without the animal itself. Tiger figurines, paintings, and tiger-striped items are ideal pieces to bring the tiger into your home. Books with tiger characters, such as Life of Pi, Winnie the Pooh, The Jungle Book, and Aladdin, are excellent additions to your library that attract good fortune and fruitful energy. Keeping an orange or striped cat as a pet may also emulate the tiger zodiac in your space.


The Water Tiger represents harmony between the Yin and Yang for this year. It has characteristics that may enhance your focus, determination, creativity, and passion. Following these four decoration tips may also invite the positive attributes of the tiger to help you establish a safe and zen home environment.

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