January 01, 2022

5 Fish Tank Arrangement Tips for Good Luck This 2022

Fishes are a symbol of good luck and fortune in East Asian cultures. People can bring positive vibes by displaying fish-inspired artworks and figurines in their homes and keeping aquarium fish as pets.

Aside from choosing lucky aquarium fish species, it is essential to arrange your fish habitat to optimize the positive energy in your space. If you’re planning on building or redecorating a tank for your home at The Forest Residences Midori, here are five fish tank arrangement tips for prosperity, luck, harmony, and wellness.

Use Feng Shui Number Symbolism

Numbers play a significant role in feng shui. The usual lucky numbers are 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9. Depending on how many fishes you’ll put in your tank, you’ll attract different positive attributes into your home. Consider this guide to how many fishes to place in your tank:

  • One - one fish means new beginnings
  • Two - two fishes represent Yin and Yang
  • Three - triple fishes bring growth and development
  • Six - six brings mentor luck, an attribute ideal for leading and mentoring your juniors and co-workers
  • Eight - eight brings wealth and prosperity
  • Nine - perhaps the luckiest, nine attracts longevity, abundance, and good fortune all-year-round

You may also use numbers that correspond to your Chinese zodiac. Tailoring your aquarium ecosystem to your birthdate and zodiac may enhance your manifestations of positive vibes and success in your life.

Add One Black-Colored Fish

If you want to keep multiple fishes in your tank, make sure to add one black-colored fish. Placing one black-colored fish in your aquarium absorbs all the negativity and bad luck in your home. They also bring balance to your tank’s energy, which means your fish will be happy and healthy.

Different fish species have black variations suitable for nullifying the negative vibes in your home. Some fishes to consider include goldfish, guppies, flowerhorns, and arowanas. These fishes are also suitable for fishbowls and smaller fish tanks that can fit smaller homes. 

Put Live Plants

Your aquarium fish will thrive better with live plants in their tanks. While plastic marine greens are a more cost-efficient and low-maintenance option, live plants are best for attracting positivity in your space. Your live plants also filter your water, keeping your fishes’ habitat clean and toxin-free.

Live plants create a favorable environment for your fish to thrive and positive energy to flow smoothly. Choose various colored plants to emulate the five elements and other feng shui principles in your fish ecosystem.

Position Colored Gravel Correctly

Gravel is an excellent substrate for most aquarium types. Apply feng shui practices into your gravel placement by choosing colors that correspond to the five elements. For example, blue gravel is for water so it is ideal to place them in the northern part of your tank; green represents wood and should be placed in the east, while white and gray pebbles represent metal and are best placed in the west or northwest.

Choose Your Aquarium Shape

If you plan to keep multiple fish tanks in your home, the shapes of your aquariums are vital. Balance is the key to good feng shui, so selecting the suitable shapes that best represent Yin and Yang is crucial.

For instance, rectangular tanks represent Yang energy and the wood element. Since water nourishes wood, your fishes will be happy and healthy. On the other hand, irregularly shaped aquariums symbolize Yin and the water element. Balance the Yin energy in your tanks by decorating them with driftwood and plants.


Building a fish tank is more than just choosing your fish, substrate, plants, and decor. It also entails fostering a conducive environment for your fish to thrive and attract positive energy to your home. Follow these five fish tank arrangement tips to invite good fortune into your life all year round.

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