January 01, 2022

5 House Plants for Good Feng Shui This 2022

One of the hobbies that boomed during the pandemic was gardening. Many beginners and expert green thumbs found peace and fun through raising different kinds of greens in their yard and indoors. With a new year serving as an opportunity for people to grow and reach new goals, plants that bring prosperity, peace, health, and balance are vital for any household to thrive.

If you’re after the cheerful energy indoor greens may bring into your home, here are five house plants for good luck this 2022: 

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo grass is a staple plant in Chinese culture. You’ll see them in paintings, ceramics, and clothing. Lucky bamboo plants are smaller versions of those that usually grow in forests, so they are suitable for indoor gardens. Cozy spaces such as The Forest Residences Midori units will benefit from the positive energy lucky bamboo brings.

Lucky bamboo plants require moderate to indirect sunlight to grow. They’ll thrive even if they are inside. Just make sure to place them close to a light source, such as a window, to allow them to grow beautifully and healthily.

Jade Plant

Jade plants attract luck, good fortune, and harmony. Their lush green round leaves resemble coins, which is why jade plants are also called money plants. Business owners usually place these in their offices to attract wealth and productivity throughout the year.

Furthermore, jade plants will grow even with little maintenance as long as you water them when their soil is dry to the touch. In addition, place them in a sunny spot to thrive and have vibrant green leaves. Taking care of your jade plants will bring you abundance in your finances, career, and other life pursuits.

Peace Lily

With all the chaos happening, having peace of mind is priceless. Invite zen into your home and life by placing peace lilies in your living room and bedroom. Like their namesake, peace lilies promote wellness by inviting zen and balance into your space.

If you want to attract more good fortune, position your peace lilies in your wood element zone strategically. You’ll have a safe space that ushers health and well-being all year round. Peace lilies are also air purifiers. You’ll have beautiful greens that cleanse the air of harmful pathogens while promoting your wellness and zen.


Hoyas are beautiful trailing plants that are great as hanging greens to decorate your wall corners or tall shelves. Some hoyas have beautiful blooms, which may boost the plants’ property to attract good energy into your home. 

For your hoya plant to thrive, make sure to put them under indirect morning light. Then, water when their soil gets dry. Happy hoyas mean a constant flow of positive energy throughout your house or condo unit.


Begonias are another popular house plant. They have heart-shaped leaves with dark green to purple hues. Some begonia species may also have leaves with polka dot patterns, making them more unique indoor greeneries to have.

Begonias thrive in arid environments, so they are perfect for places with humid climates. They’re also ideal for terrariums, making them the perfect centerpiece for a wooden coffee table. This decor combination exemplifies water and wood together, two elements that balance Yin and Yang well in your home.


Plants are nature’s gift to humans. They bring health benefits, beautify space, and serve as channels for positive energy, prosperity, happiness, and harmony to come into our lives. Add these five house plants to your indoor garden and foster an inviting home environment with good luck all year round.

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