January 01, 2022

5 Things to Do This Chinese New Year

In the Philippines, New Year festivities are a mix of Filipino and Chinese traditions. Many of these practices are to attract prosperity, healthy relationships, and good fortune throughout the year. With the Chinese New Year a few weeks away, you might want to get started on the different activities you can do to experience the Lunar New Year 2022. 

Here are five things you can do this Chinese New Year:

Use Red Clothing and Ornaments

Red is a particular color for the Chinese. It represents luck, joy, happiness, fertility, and celebration, which is why you’ll see red ornaments and trinkets present during Chinese New Year. Red also represents the fire element, which could bring love, passion, and determination to your life. 

Bring in the luck of the color red by incorporating it into your home at The Forest Residences Midori. Hang red lanterns, place red paper art on windows, and display red flowers and fruits in your dining area. Couple your red trinkets with gold to enhance your chance of attracting good energy into your life. And if you want the complete Chinese New Year experience, wear red during your dinner celebration.

Send Red Packets

It is always best to share your luck and blessings with loved ones–and giving red packets, or tao hongbao, is one way to do so. Place some cash in red envelopes and send them to your cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents, and friends. While red packets are given to children traditionally in mainland China, sending them to your parents and grandparents is one way to wish them good health.

You can also send red packets digitally. E-wallet apps have “send hongbao” features that allow you to send good luck money without breaking social distancing. From your house, you may now send money to your loved ones right at the comfort of their condo units.

Prepare Round Fruits

Fruits, especially round ones, become in-demand during the new year season in the Philippines. Round fruits are believed to bring wealth and luck throughout the year. An ideal Chinese New Year fruit basket consists of oranges, apples, pomelos, grapes, pineapples, plums, dragonfruits, and watermelons. Add sticks of sugarcane to attract success and career progression.

Aside from bringing good luck, your fruit basket makes for an eye-catching decor on your table. You’ll have an attractive centerpiece that invites good fortune and a quick source of healthy snacks.

Have a “Lucky Meal”

Chinese New Year celebrations won’t be complete without food. For your family dinner, serve a lucky meal to attract prosperity, love, and harmonious relationships. A traditional lucky meal consists of dumplings, lumpia (spring roll), tikoy (sweet rice cake), steamed fish, noodles, kiat-kiat (mini oranges), and glutinous rice balls in syrup. You may find these meals online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Talk about prosperity and convenience!

Visit Chinatown

Chinatowns are the closest destinations you can visit to experience the Lunar New Year. These communities showcase lion dances, street performances, and fireworks displays. Chinatowns also have an array of food kiosks and restaurants you should go to and try different Chinese cuisines. Check out the many shops to buy snacks, souvenirs, and home decor that invites positive energy this 2022.

Chinese New Year might seem to be about attracting wealth and luck all year round. The bottom line of celebrating it is to be with family and friends while appreciating all the blessings and extending them to others. Do these five activities and enjoy a prosperous 2022.

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