January 01, 2022

5 Home Arrangements for Good Feng Shui This 2022

Feng shui principles are applied in many aspects of people’s lives. Some use them for their business, while others use them for career progression or finding the right partner. In addition, feng shui practices foster a home that promotes your well-being. You want a personal space that lets you enjoy zen, balance, and prosperity.

This year, arrange your home in The Forest Residences Midori in such as way that will attract good energy. Here are five tips:

“Unblock” Your Entryways

Your home’s main entrance should be free from clutter and blockages. Having large furniture pieces blocking your entrance from the rest of your home will prevent positive energy from entering. That said, make sure to remove any large potted plants and furniture that obstruct your home’s entrance. You’d want your entryway to be open and free-flowing as much as possible.

While unblocking your main entrance is crucial for positive chi (energy) to flow, it is also vital to add balancing contrasts to your space. For your main entrance, frame it with small potted plants. Doing so highlights your entry, enhancing your chances of inviting good vibes inside.

Introduce Living Things

Speaking of plants, introducing living things into your home is another way of letting positive energy flow freely into your home. House plants, such as lucky bamboo, jade plants, peace lilies, spider plants, and English Ivy, are excellent indoor greens to usher in luck, good fortune, and wealth into your home. These plants also best represent the wood element; use the bagua (a traditional protective amulet) to guide you to put your indoor plants and other wood-like pieces in your home.

Aside from plants, pets are other living things you may introduce to your home for better fortune. With 2022 being the Year of the Water Tiger, aquarium fish is a great pet option. Research which fish and marine plant types are perfect for drawing in positive energy and aspects of wealth, love, peace, and zen. Choose if you want to keep your fish friends in a bowl or aquarium. There are also fish tanks of different sizes and dimensions suitable for big and cozy homes. 

Maximize the Five Elements

Aside from water and wood, it is best to maximize all five elements to foster harmony and zen in your home. Integrating the five feng shui elements into your home decor helps you balance the contrast and create a space that promotes positivity and comfort. You’ll also have the chance to select decor and furniture pieces that complement your Chinese zodiac and personality.

Since you already have house plants to represent wood and a fish tank to represent water, consider these tips for the other elements:


The earth element attracts stability and seriousness. Choose furniture and decorative items with earthy shades, such as brown, sand, and muted green. Items with flat surfaces and crisp edges are ideal for your earth element area. You can also hang landscaped images on your wall to mimic nature and the outside world.


Metal attracts wealth, focus, productivity, and organizational skills. These are ideal for your career and business pursuits. However, having too many metal elements may make you too critical and lack focus.

Balance this by introducing natural metal tones, such as grays, whites, and pastel yellows. Bring in curved or round pieces to balance out the crisp edges of your earth pieces. Complement your metallic accents with nature-inspired features such as stones and pebbles.


While fire seems to be a destructive element, when used right, you’ll attract passion and expressiveness. To balance the fire element in your home, use bold colors such as reds, oranges, and pinks. If your home has neutral walls, use fire-like accents to avoid overwhelming your space with aggression and impulsiveness. Add scented candles, tea lights, and statement lamps for more well-lit rooms.

Declutter Your Spaces

Before bringing in new furniture and decor items to your home, it is important to declutter and clean your space. Check for any items that no longer spark joy or are not functional anymore. Dispose of them or give them to friends and family that may use them. By looking at the items you own, you’ll be surprised at how many things just occupy space and block the flow of positive energy into your home and life.

Use Balance

Balance is the foundation of good feng shui. Apply the concept of Yin and Yang, or balancing two opposing yet connected forces, into your home to create a space that encourages growth, healing, happiness, abundance, and zen.

Let’s say you have white walls and ceilings. Create harmonious contrasts by introducing dark colors, such as blacks, grays, browns, and blues. A primarily white living room will look livelier when used right with bold-colored throw pillows, rugs, and curtains.


Feng shui is more than just attracting luck and wealth. Some of its principles draw in aspects you need for your well-being, growth, and pursuits in life. Apply these five home arrangement tips to your space to invite good luck this 2022.

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