January 01, 2022

5 Aquarium Fishes That Attract Good Energy This 2022

In Eastern Asian cultures, fishes symbolize prosperity and good fortune. Avid practitioners of feng shui principles usually incorporate fish-related items into their home decor and routines to attract wealth, career progression, and positive energy. Some even venture into building fish tank ecosystems to manifest all the positive energy to enter their lives.

Building fish tanks is a fun hobby you can try to get started. And if you’re looking for aquarium fish that attract wealth and luck into your home in The Forest Residences Midori, here are five species you should add to your fishbowl or aquarium:


Goldfish are perhaps the most beginner-friendly aquarium fish you can get in your pet store. They’re also quite affordable and easy to take care of, compared to other aquarium fish types. Goldfish also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite having “gold” in their name, goldfishes have white, black, and spotted variations.

In feng shui, goldfish represents positivity, beauty, and harmony. It is best to keep eight goldfish with one black goldfish in your fish tank to invite wealth and good energy in your home. The black goldfish absorbs negativity and bad luck, keeping your home a serene and well-maintained place.


Polka dot patterns symbolize wealth and good luck for the Chinese. The good news is polka dots aren’t limited to clothing! Bring in Yin energy and luck of polka dots by keeping a flowerhorn fish as a pet.

Flowerhorns are lucky charms in Feng Shui, drawing positive energy from their environment and nullify negative vibes in your home. These cute fishes also bring love and luck to their owners. Their Feng Shui properties promote a happy and harmonious environment for relationships to last and withstand storms. It is best to keep your flowerhorn fish tank in the southeast corner of your home to attract abundance and healthy family relationships.


Guppies are another easy-to-raise aquarium fish that promotes a joyous home environment. They’re freshwater fish, so it’s best to build a freshwater tank with the appropriate substrate and plants. You’ll want to raise happy and healthy guppies for optimal good energy all year round.

These fish come in different colors, ranging from reds, blues, yellows, grays, and stripey mixes. Select nine guppies with different colors to create a colorful aquarium that you’ll love to look at every day.


Koi fishes are popular symbols in Chinese and Japanese cultures. They’re present in paintings, embroidery, ceramicware, and literature. In addition, they signify wealth and success, which is why you’ll find koi ponds in houses and some business establishments.

If you want to keep koi fishes as pets but have no space for a pond, don’t worry! You don’t have to build a fish pond to keep koi fish as lucky pets. Most koi species are suitable for fish tanks, although you’ll need to adjust the size of your aquarium and volume of water to accommodate your koi fish. Add plants and filters to keep your water clean and ideal for your lucky fish to thrive.


Also called Dragon Fish due to their appearance, arowanas are another popular fish in feng shui. They embody wealth, power, success, health, and happiness. Arowanas come in different colors, ranging from silver, gold, black, red, and pearl. 

Since arowanas are big fish, you don’t have to keep nine of them in a tank. Double or triple arowanas are said to attract abundance and good luck in homes. Choose different colors to create a prism of rainbows reflecting in your tank.

Aquarium fish are fun and interesting pets to have at home. Their ecosystems mimic the beauty and uniqueness of natural freshwater and saltwater bodies. Different aquarium fish also draw positive energy, prosperity, success, health, love, and happiness in your life. Choose from these five fish species and start building your lucky aquarium at home.

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