January 01, 2022

5 Must-Try Chinese Eateries in Antipolo

The Chinese Lunar Year is just a few away. Many Chinese-Filipino communities are preparing for the grand events and festivities during the lunar year. Of course, such an auspicious event will not be complete without food!

Years before the Spanish came, the Chinese had already settled in various parts of the Philippines, earning from multiple industries. Even today, their influence is present in dishes that Filipinos love. And if you’re after a food-trip adventure this coming Chinese New Year, here are five Chinese eateries in Antipolo you should try:

Yellow Lantern Cafe

Chinese restaurants are usual venues for family brunches and big celebrations such as birthdays, christenings, and wedding receptions. If you and your relatives are looking for a large space to eat to welcome the Lunar year, Yellow Lantern Cafe in Sumulong Highway is the right eatery for you.

Yello Lantern Cafe’s interiors are a mix of traditional Chinese and western styles. The bright yellows inside establish a perky and vibrant mood that will make you stay longer to enjoy the food. Aside from Chinese cuisine, the restaurant also offers continental favorites such as ribs, fish and chips, and pasta dishes.

PonLoTai Panciteria

Pancit is perhaps the most iconic Chinese-influenced dish in the Philippines. Head over to PonLoTai Panciteria in Barangay San Roque to experience different specialty pancit dishes with various toppings, such as pork liver, lechon bits, and shrimp.

PonLoTai Panciteria also has other dishes that you’ll enjoy without breaking your bank. For an average of Php 300, you can order meals that can feed two to three people! Its menu has different kinds of soups, rice bowls, vegetables, and seafood cuisine awaiting foodies.

However, PonLoTai’s delicious yet affordable cuisine goes beyond the Chinese New Year Festivities. Its location in Antipolo makes it a favorite and easily accessible food destination for tourists and locals alike. If you live in The Forest Residences Midori, the restaurant is a few minutes away from the condominium development, so you can enjoy their delectable food at your leisure.

Mogu Tree Noodle House

At Mogu Tree Noodle House in San Roque, you’ll satiate your hunger at the sight of the many noodle dishes available on its menu. Notable soup dishes include laksa, tonkatsu ramen, and pork and chicken soup. The restaurant also has a customizable noodle dish where you can choose from an array of noodles, broth bases, and toppings to make your unique and flavorful noodle soup.

Hok Xing Pares and Mami House

If you’re looking for a mix of Filipino and Chinese dishes, Hok Xing Pares and Mami House offers many savory dishes that will satisfy your cravings. Its bestsellers include pares, lomi, mami, rice toppings, and hot pot. Many customers say that this restaurant mirrors the flavors and experience of the restaurants in the Old Chinatown in Binondo, Manila.

Hok Xing Pares and Mami House’s servings can feed one to two persons. Its dishes are also quite affordable, making them a budget-friendly and delicious eatery for Filipinos who want to try out Chinese food.

Lido Cocina Tsina

Another Chinese restaurant in Barangay San Roque you should try is Lido Cocina Tsina. A favorite of many, this restaurant is best known for its pugon-roasted asado, a dish made with slices of pork marinated in a sweet sauce. However, you can also order other savory courses such as dim sum, lechon Macau, steamed fish, sweet and sour (pork, chicken, and fish), and traditional Chinese fried rice.


The best part about these five Chinese eateries in Antipolo is you can eat there anytime you want to taste various Chinese food. Plan your Chinese New Year 2022 itinerary and add these five eateries to your food-tripping experience!

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