January 01, 2022

5 Plants Suitable for Koi Ponds

Japanese koi fishes are some of the popular fishes raised in backyard ponds. They symbolize wealth, perseverance, accomplishment, and strength of character. Growing them in your backyard will also require you to choose the right pond plants to provide shade, nutrients, cleansing, and food. 

If you have a koi pond and are keen on adding a few greens to it, here are five plants you should get for your pond:

Water Lily

Water lilies are the most popular pond plants. Their large flat leaves and beautiful flowers provide eye-catching foliage and interesting touches and colors to garden ponds. If you live in zen-inspired residential developments like The Forest Residences Midori in Antipolo, Rizal, you can add water lilies to your fish ponds for a serene and traditional look.

Water lilies also provide shade and protection for your koi fishes, with large leaves shielding your fish from direct heat and sunlight. They’re also perfect for hiding koi eggs from predators such as birds, insects, and frogs. However, water lilies grow very fast, so make sure to prune them to regulate their growth. In addition, leaving your water lilies to grow may block sunlight and oxygen to sustain your fish.


Lotuses are another popular water plant. They resemble lilies, except their flowers are a few inches above the water and don’t float like lilies. In addition, lotuses are also hardy and will thrive in warm and cold climates.

Lotuses also grow fast, like water lilies. They’ll dominate a pond and suffocate your koi fish if you leave them to grow on their own. But, they have dwarf variations perfect for smaller koi water features.


If you live in a sunnier spot and want ample shade for your koi pond, consider getting duckweeds. At first glance, they look like tiny leaves or moss floating on your pond’s surface. Despite their somewhat off-putting appearance, duckweeds provide shade and oxygen for your fishes. They also are a favorite snack of koi fishes. 

In a way, their fast growth means your fish will have a sustainable food source. Still, it is best to regulate their growth to avoid overcrowding your pond.

Water Iris

Water Irises are pond plants that grow all year round, although they bloom better in warmer seasons. They grow up to four feet and have narrow, sword-like leaves that reach 24 inches in height. 

During their early years, water irises grow pretty fast, each racing to break out of the surface of the water. After submerging, they’ll spread out and provide foliage that decorates your pond beautifully.


Another tall grass ideal for the sides of your koi pond is horsetails. These resemble bamboo, making them suitable for creating an Oriental-style pond. Horsetails are hardy and are natural pond filters. They help clean and oxygenate your pond water, which means happy and healthy koi fish. They also attract insects that your koi fish will love to eat.

The array of plants available for your outdoors opens possibilities for you to explore different techniques in growing and raising them. Planting these five greens in your fish pond simulates the natural habitat your koi will thrive in; these plants promote health, protection, and nourishment for your beloved carp friends.

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