January 01, 2022

5 Simple Home Upgrades for 2022

One of the new year traditions and resolutions people practice is to do some spring cleaning in their homes. Tidying and disinfecting are vital steps to maintaining a safe and comfortable home. With the virus still present, you’ll want your indoors and outdoors to be free from harmful pathogens as much as possible.

Decluttering is also ideal for clearing up areas that may block the flow of positive energy. You’ll be surprised at how your possessions may take over your life. Clearing your spaces also helps you let go of objects that hinder you from progressing, healing, and moving on from the past.

Aside from cleaning your home from top to bottom, here are five home upgrades you should consider this 2022. These tips will help you create a home that promotes peace, safety, comfort, and your well-being.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your floors, walls, and surfaces aren’t the only ones that need disinfection. You should also improve your home’s indoor air quality for your safety and health. Clean and sanitized air is crucial, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic persists and continues to mutate.

That said, make sure to check and clean your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system regularly. Doing so helps keep your indoor air clean and sanitized. You wouldn’t want to breathe air that will trigger your allergies or cause dryness and irritation in your respiratory tract.

Improve your indoor air quality further by adding air purifiers and humidifiers in different rooms of your home. Place them in your living room, bathroom, and bedroom. These air purifiers also come in portable sizes, making them suitable for smaller surfaces and cozier spaces such as the units in The Forest Residences Midori.

Repaint Your Walls

Add a fresh coat of paint to your walls for a new look. If you aren’t after repainting all square inches of your walls, restore unsightly spots by repainting chipped or cracked areas. You’ll have walls that look brand new and ready for decorating with paintings, dishes, and other hanging decors.

In addition, make sure to choose eco-friendly wall paints that have air-cleaning properties and are free from toxic chemicals. Applying this kind of paint on your walls helps purify your indoor air of bacteria, viruses, and harmful compounds. 

Add Indoor Plants

Beautify your space by adding indoor plants. Place potted succulents on your windowsill to let them grow healthily while decorating your window area. You can also position larger potted plants on your corners and black wall areas as an accent piece. You’ll add interesting textures to your home through natural elements.

Suppose you’re after plants that attract positive energy and good luck; select greens such as lucky bamboo, money plant, pothos, snake plants, and spider plants. These repel bugs, help purify the air, and invite good energy into your home.

Prune Your Garden

Indoor gardens aren’t the only ones that need upgrading. If you have a front lawn and yard, clean away dried leaves and weeds to promote healthier plant growth. Get rid of dying greens to prevent a plant epidemic in your garden. You wouldn’t want all your lovely greens to die and be left with a dull and dead garden.

You can also mow your lawn for a cleaner look and a better outdoor space for barbecues and picnics. Cut tree branches to prevent large twigs from causing accidents. By doing so, you can prevent debris from blocking your roof gutters and breaking any windows or roof tiles.

Address Neglected Areas

During your spring cleaning session, don’t forget to address often neglected areas. These spots include your refrigerator coils, the space at the back of your refrigerator, air conditioner filters, washing machine vents, showerheads, the inside of ovens, and your storage room. Cleaning these areas will give you fresh and bacteria-free spaces to cook and wash. You’ll also prevent your devices from breaking easily or becoming pest habitats.

These five home upgrades are achievable and suitable for condo units and more spacious houses. With these five upgrades, you’ll foster a home that promotes safety, wellness, zen, and happiness this 2022.

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