January 01, 2022

5 Colors That Best Complement Violet Hues

The color violet represents royalty, wisdom, creativity, ambition, loyalty, and curiosity. We often find different hues and tones on clothing, home decor, and food. And with Very Peri being 2022’s representative color, you might want to utilize different tones and shades of violet to redecorate your home.

While 2022’s color is a bluish hue with hints of red, that doesn’t mean you should only use purple and its different tones and shades! Here are five colors that best complement purple that you may introduce to your home’s interior:


Yellow is the complementary color of violet, according to the color wheel. The warmth and brightness of yellow perfectly complement the coolness and darker tones of violet, making them a suitable combination for interior design. Let’s say you have pale yellow walls in your home. Introduce darker shades of purple such as mauve, wine, and eggplant to create beautiful pops of color. 


If you’re after a brighter and more energetic space, combine orange with indigo or blue-violet elements. Got a tangerine couch? Dress your throw pillows with violet covers to add texture to your seating. Then, add a patterned rug with violet and orange accents to decorate your floor.

For more quirkiness, choose decor and furniture pieces with combinations of orange and purple. Patterned coffee tables, abstract art, and marbled vases are some of the suitable elements you can add to your space. The irregular shapes and lines also add vibrance against a backdrop of neutral colors, such as the walls, floors, and furnishings of your home at The Forest Residences Midori in Antipolo, Rizal.


Purple is the color of royalty. Make your purple-themed rooms more elegant and luxurious by incorporating gold accents. Pieces such as a gold-leafed framed mirror, brass wall clocks, golden lamps, and gilded picture frames are perfect accents for your violet furnishings. The shine of your golden elements also reflects light evenly, making your violet backdrops and furniture more present.


Blue is one of the primary colors that make violet. Coupling your purple hues with different blue tones establishes a calm and peaceful ambiance. In addition, blue is also a color of royalty, so combining it with your purple pieces creates a modern yet regal home interior.

If you have blue walls and floors, some violet pieces you should consider are vases, coffee tables, lamps, ottomans, couches, curtains, and mirror frames. 


Many interior designers incorporate black into their compositions as it suits all shades and hues. Combining violet tones and shades with black sets a contemporary style suitable for anyone who prefers a dynamic and practical lifestyle.

Since black is a dark and bold color, tone it down by coupling lighter violet shades, such as pale violet, periwinkle, lavender, or muted mauve; the lighter purple tones will soften the bold look of black in your home.

2022’s color, Very Peri, symbolizes creativity, carefreeness, and one’s ability to explore all life’s possibilities. And like these five colors that complement violet hues, you have many options to turn your home into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space that promotes harmony and creativity.

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