November 11, 2021

Interior Colors to Choose for A Tropical-Themed Home

Tropical interior design is a favorite among homeowners due to its warm, refreshing, and cheerful vibe. Aside from choosing interior tropical design pieces such as wood features, artworks, and indoor flora, interior colors can create a huge difference in your home if you want to achieve a tropical-themed home.

If you just moved into your brand new house and lot in Phirst Park Homes Calamba, here are some interior colors you can choose from to achieve your #tropicalhome interior design. 


Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels


This vivid shade of blue will automatically remind you of the beach. You can pair this color with a shade that has a sunny undertone to offset its intensity or place wooden furniture against it, such as shades of pink, yellows, and oranges. Using turquoise will give any room inside your home an island vibe.

Canary Yellow

Photo by Camila Melo on Pexels


This shade of yellow showcases the color of sunshine and warm temperatures that one experiences during the mornings on the beach. An accent wall painted with canary yellow paired with neutral colors such as gray, white, or even black is best to tone down its vividness. 

You can also pair it with small doses of turquoise or fuchsia to make it more fun. Placing leafy indoor plants against a canary yellow colored wall gives your room a more tropical vibe.


Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash


If you want tropical yet relaxing vibe, aqua is an ideal interior color since this shade of blue is paler than turquoise and has green undertones. If you partner this color with neutral-colored paints and accessories, this muted color will surely pop out. You can also pair this color with vibrant hot pink, bright yellows, and greens. 


Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels


This deep pastel color is reminiscent of the cold drinks and desserts consumed during the summer season. This color is best for rooms frequented by family members, such as the family room or the living room. When paired with neutral-colored furniture, it can give off a tropical yet sophisticated feel. You can pair coral with orange, pistachio green, turquoise, and aqua for a more cheerful aesthetic.


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To highlight your love for plants and trees, you can paint your walls a lime color. This shade of green is very vibrant and refreshing to the eyes, making it an attractive color to use in your home interiors. Pairing your walls with wooden furniture pieces, pastel pink furniture, and floral carpets will indeed transform your home into a tropical paradise.


Photo by Nick Collins on Pexels


If you want to give your home in Phirst Park Homes Calamba a new look, you can always paint one of your rooms in tangerine or paint an accent wall in this color. This dynamic color is an excellent background for your artworks and equally boldly colored accessories and furniture. You can also pair your Tangerine wall with shades of purple, pink, or blue. 

Hot Pink

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels


A hot pink interior will automatically give a romantic yet tropical and vacation-ready mood. If you can’t bring flowers inside your home, a hot pink or fuchsia pink interior will give your home a floral feel since hot pink reflects the color of bougainvillea and other pink flowers. Place your indoor plants against your hot pink walls to make them more visually appealing. You can also pair your hot pink walls with other shades of pink and green. For a more island vibe, you can also pair it with yellow, orange, and tangerine. 

May these options help you achieve your goal of making your home tropical so that no matter what time of the day or the month it is, you will forever feel like you’re on vacation by the beach.

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