November 11, 2021

How to Prepare for Your First Hiking Trip

Developments like The Forest Residences Midori are close to different hiking spots in Rizal. The province is filled with beautiful mountains. They also offer equally gorgeous views of Rizal when you successfully climb them. Iconic trails include Mt Masungki, located in the municipality of Tanay. This mountain has crooked boulders and sharp rocks, making for a challenging, yet rewarding hike to the top. 

While experienced hikers make the activity look easy, ordinary people may find it daunting. You need the endurance to keep climbing in the sweltering heat. It also takes a lot of balancing skills to avoid falling over rocks or steep climbs. Set yourself up for success on your first hike by preparing for it. 

Find a Hiking Partner

There’s a certain feeling of freedom that comes with solo hiking. However, it can be quite dangerous, as there’s little chance of anyone helping you in the wilderness if you get hurt. The best way to tackle your first hike is with a partner. 

It’s great to go with someone with extensive experience in hiking. However, it’s also fine to have a fellow beginner with you during your first trip. Invite your partner or one of your friends and family members to go hiking with you. Attend a hiking class and find companions there. The more, the merrier (and safer)!

Plan Your Trip

Avoid getting lost by planning your hiking route. There are various factors to consider when doing so, like:

  • Distance — Figure out how far you’re willing to hike. For beginners, eight kilometers is great. It’s a challenging distance that tests your fitness but is not intense enough to drain your energy by the time you finish. Don’t be afraid to add or shave a few kilometers, depending on your fitness.
  • Fitness Level — This influences the distance and elevation of your hiking trip. You want to have an enjoyable time, not struggling and stumbling to the peak. If you’re worried that you’re out of shape, there are various cardio and bodyweight exercises you can do to get stronger. Alternatively, you can also go for a shorter route. 
  • Weather — Look through the weather forecast for the week to see if it will rain in the hiking area. If you still want to hike during a light shower, make sure you have the equipment for it. 

Gear Up

Make sure you have all the hiking equipment essentials, like:

  • Trail running or hiking shoes— These types of shoes help you walk on rough terrain without slipping. Most of them offer some degree of water resistance, too. So, you don’t have to worry about stepping onto puddles. 
  • Clothes — If you’re a beginner, hiking-specific clothes aren’t necessary. Gym clothes with moisture-wicking properties help you stay cool and dry on the trail. A waterproof jacket may also be helpful during rainy weather. As for pants, a pair of jeans or gym shorts will do. 
  • Backpack — A 15-liter capacity backpack will do the job for a first hike. This offers enough space for a few snacks, water bottles, and extra clothes.
  • Food and water — Bring a few energy bars and a liter of water for your first trip. Eat little and often to avoid feeling bloated during your hike. 
  • First aid kit — You’ll never know when you or your hiking partner might get injured during your trip. Prepare for these unfortunate situations by packing a small first aid kit. Bandages, disinfectant spray, safety pins, and pain killers are essential items to have in your kit.

Hiking is one of the most challenging yet rewarding activities. The mountains of Rizal are perfect for new and experienced hikers. Make your first trip safe and enjoyable by preparing for it. With the right equipment, a well-thought-out hiking plan, and a partner, you’ll be dominating every mountain in the province in no time.

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