August 08, 2021

4 Types of Minimalists

What started as an art movement has become a lifestyle trend. Minimalism or going back with the basics has been around since the 1960s. Over the years, minimalism has been applied not only in artworks, but in architecture, interior design, and even food as well. 

There are different reasons why people adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Some are simply joining the bandwagon, especially with the rise of minimalist interior designs posted on social media groups and the tempting #budol finds people buy on e-commerce stores. Others do it due to financial limitations, while others prefer to be minimalists due to environmental concerns.

My Enso Lofts by PH1 World Developers Quezon City is a modern condo development that is perfect for minimalists. Each unit in this condo provides extra space without the extra cost, and if you choose to decorate your unit in a minimalist style, the more breathing space you have in your home. 


Minimalism is a general concept of living on less clutter but it branches out to different practices and "flavors". Knowing what kind of a minimalist you are will help you know what type of interiors and lifestyle changes you can apply and make your goal of becoming a minimalist sustainable. 


Aesthetic Minimalist

This is the most common type of minimalist on the rise at present. Aesthetic minimalists are after visual appeal, not owning less. They aspire to have a clean aesthetic feel in their homes by removing unwanted clutter. Corners of the house, often with white walls, are minimally decorated with geometric furniture pieces and one to two plants for color. 


Essential Minimalist

Essential minimalists are those who want to live on bare essentials. They prioritize their needs over their wants and prefer to buy or invest in stuff that is essential for their survival. They try to discover what things they can live without and purchase essential items in sufficient quantities to limit wastage.


Eco Minimalist

Eco minimalists focus on living in a way that will have minimal impact on the environment. Some eco minimalists veer away from purchasing items tested on animals or are made from scarce natural resources. This type of minimalist limits their use of single-use plastic and instead uses recyclable bags and paper bags to limit their wastes. In their mind, they always see how their seemingly simple activities can have a significant impact on the world in the long run.


Mindful Minimalist

Mindful minimalists continuously evaluate the things they own. Aside from obsessively organizing their stuff at home, they see to it that the things they choose to keep “spark joy” in their lives. Being a mindful minimalist is not all about eliminating things that do not spark joy. It goes deeper than that. They look at all their wants and needs and ask themselves if they are helpful or contribute to adding quality to their current lifestyle. If not, they declutter these things to free more spaces and earn extra cash. 


Treasurer Minimalist

Treasurer minimalists are always on the lookout for quality products in thrift stores or high-end shops. They aim to own unique and sought-after items at home that they can add to their collection and pass to the next generation of their families. They may have fewer items than those who don’t practice minimalism, but they make sure that their pieces are highly valued.

If you are a homebuyer who is a certified minimalist or trying to be one to see if it suits you, buying a condo for sale in My Enso Lofts is a good start. The units here are aimed to promote zen. Each unit though fully finished can be a bare canvas waiting to have its personality that mimics your own.

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