August 08, 2021

Amenities You Need for Comfortable Condo Living

As developers race to build the most enticing version of your future home, unique amenities can be the distinguishing feature of the best buildings in a city. It’s important to keep in mind that not all amenities are created equal. Some are simply more necessary to have compared to others. Here are some amenities you should look for:

Good elevators

Living in a building means your primary way of getting around is the elevator. Even if you don’t go out often, you’re bound to use the elevator at least a couple of times every day. If your building has great elevator service then there’s no problem. Tenants will be ensured of quick and unproblematic rides between point A and point B. But if they have terrible elevator service then be prepared for the constant inconvenience in your everyday life. 

These are some signs your building has bad elevator service:

  • Long waiting time
  • People need to line up
  • It needs constant servicing
  • Filthy or smelly interiors
  • Stalling and frequent mechanical breakdowns

Concierge services

As condo living becomes more elegant, properties have also begun to provide more elaborate in-house services. The best building concierge will greatly enhance your living experience. They can reduce the things you need to do and ease some of the stress you encounter along the way. 

A concierge can help you with:

  • Accepting letters and packages
  • Reserving building amenities for private functions
  • Welcoming guests and directing them to your venue
  • Making restaurant or airline reservations on your behalf
  • Taking care of pets while you’re away
  • Facilitating repairs to your unit
  • Helping you move in or move out
  • Answering queries about your building’s policies

It’s always a huge weight off any tenants’ shoulders knowing their concierge will assist and even go the extra mile for them.

Security services

Whether it’s for your protection, privacy, or peace of mind, safety should be your first priority when considering where to purchase. Property developments like My Enso Lofts, employ trained professionals to safeguard their tenants and their belongings. 

These professionals can do the following:

  • Monitor entrances and exits
  • Screen guests and building utility workers
  • Patrol common areas
  • Take the lead during emergency situations
  • Mediate between conflicts among tenants

24/7 security cameras and keycard lock systems in the main lobby are sometimes also implemented as an added security measure. When it comes to your safety, there is no substitute. After all, there’s nothing more important than a safe and secure home.

Infinity Pool

Not a lot of things are more luxurious than having an infinity pool in the place where you live. The illusion it can create using its disappearing edge is said to feel surreal and almost magical. Having access to an infinity pool is the perfect excuse to always go for a swim and even sneak in a bit of exercise. This will definitely raise your swimming experience to the next level, worthy of boasting to friends or coworkers. You can also opt to stay poolside to soak up some sun, relax and recharge yourself. It’s also a great weekend activity to enjoy with family and an opportunity to socialize and make new friends – the possibilities are endless.

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