July 07, 2021

From cute to quirky: 5 Low-maintenance pets that make your condo living experience more relaxing

If you want to be healthy physically and mentally, keeping a cute or even a quirky, low-maintenance pet can be beneficial. When it comes to selecting pets to accompany you in your pet-friendly, zen condo for sale, such as the ones in My Ensō Lofts in Quezon City, don’t be limited with choosing between a dog or a cat.

Due to allergies, preferences, vet costs, and maintenance, people are now considering other pets to accompany them in their beautiful homes. Whether you are looking for a non-human companion or an additional member of your family, here are pets you can keep inside your condo that are unique and easy to maintain.

  • Guppies

Tiny but flashy, guppies are small yet colorful fishes. Their flashy tails come in different colors and shapes, from solid to marbled patterns. You can keep yourself entertained by just staring at them for hours.

Guppies make great beginner pets. Due to their size, you won’t need a big tank to keep them. You can start with one or two guppies, and in a few months, your tank will have more guppies due to this fish’s capacity to store sperm for multiple spawnings. If you are a breeder, you can turn this hobby into a side job for extra income. 

These beautiful fishes only require regular tank cleaning and food. They can eat just about anything, from mosquitos to fish flakes. On average, a guppy can cost around PhP 100. Colorful or uniquely patterned guppies can cost higher. Male guppies are more colorful compared to females.

  • Rabbits

Rabbits are ground-loving, quiet pets that require minimal grooming, petting, and attention. Their erect or sloppy large ears and fuzzy tail are perfect for people who love anything soft and fuzzy.

If you want to keep a bunny in your condo, it is best to prepare an indoor house for your furry pal. The cage should be large enough for them to hop and exercise. Don’t forget to fit a litter box in the cage, too.

Rabbits love hay, fruits, and vegetables. Vegetable scraps make healthy food for them. You can also add fiber-rich pellets to their diet.

Rabbits are naturally clean animals, and like cats, they wash frequently and you can groom your rabbit once a week. It would be best if you make time to brush their fur, especially during their shedding months. You should also trim their nails regularly.

If you are busy with work, don’t worry. DIY toys such as cardboard castles should keep them interested while they wait for you to finish work to be able to play with them.

  • Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are hamsters the size of a puppy. These cute, cheeky pets can be house trained easily, so you shouldn’t worry about them dropping or peeing all over your clean, minimalist condo, especially if you plan to invest in a My Ensō Lofts condo in Quezon City. 

These furry pets are very social and love the company of humans and other guinea pigs or pets. Since they are natural herbivores, they love eating grass, vegetables, and herbs such as broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and parsley. Since they cannot make their own Vitamin C, you can add citrus to their diet. You should also feed them high-quality pellets in small quantities. 

In their large enclosures, you can add mentally stimulating tunnels and caves where they can explore and play. 

  • Hedgehogs

If your work-from-home schedule is night shift or graveyard shift, hedgehogs make great company. Since these animals are nocturnal, they are awake at night and asleep in the morning. 

These quill-filled animals can live alone, so you are not required to have two or more hedgehogs. To tame them, you’ll only need at least 30 minutes a day to touch and bond with them. Once they get used to your scent, they’ll be relaxed once you pet them.

Hedgehog enclosures should measure 2 feet by 3 feet. Large plastic containers are great options. Inside, you should add a hiding spot for sleeping and a litter box. Hedgies love to run, so provide them a hedgehog wheel with solid surfaces and wide diameters.

When it comes to food, you can feed them hedgehog pellets, super worms, and some fruits and vegetables.

For bathing, you’ll only need a toothbrush, mild soap on lukewarm water, and a drying towel.

  • Tarantulas

For arachnid-loving individuals, tarantulas make fantastic, low-maintenance pets. These spiny, colorful creatures only require water every day and at least one week to one month of feeding. 

Docile and calm tarantulas such as the Chaco Golden Knee (Grammostola pulchripes) are great beginner tarantula pets. On average, this breed can have a 7-inch leg span and a life expectancy of 5 to 25 years.

A 15-gallon plastic terrarium is an ideal enclosure for a tarantula. Spread six inches of coco peat or other chemical-free substrates in the enclosure. Cork bark or any plastic hut is their ideal hiding and sleeping spot. To make their home more aesthetically pleasing, you can decorate their terrarium with fake plants, cork barks, hollow logs, or driftwood.

Always provide them with clean water on a shallow dish, remove any uneaten food from their enclosure, and keep them away from ants.

Tarantulas shed their exoskeletons. During and after their molting period, avoid touching them.

Remember to purchase tarantulas from licensed breeders and pet stores. The government requires that exotic pet owners register their pets. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issues the Certificate of Wildlife Registration (CWR). 

Owning a pet requires effort and dedication but the company and joy they give you are more than enough to make up for the money and time you spend taking care of them. May this article aid you in selecting unique, low-maintenance pets to keep you company and make your home extra cozy.


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