May 05, 2021

Guide in Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Balcony

One of the highlights of modern living is being able to enjoy an overlooking view of the city through your own balcony. High-rise condominiums like Pioneer Heights are able to provide residents with the ultimate contemporary living experience through their strategic location and amenities like a balcony. Condominiums situated in locations that offer a grand view of a city or a natural landscape are among the most sought-after condos of property seekers who wish to invest in property in the city. If you are like many property seekers who invested in a condominium with a balcony and want to enjoy it to the fullest, consider giving your balcony a makeover. 

How to Make Your Balcony Aesthetically Pleasing

A balcony is suitable for those who wish to unwind and relax after a long tiring day at work. If you wish to elevate your quality time on your balcony by making it more aesthetically pleasing, consider trying the following:

  • Use mirrors to accentuate the view. Mirrors can elevate your balcony experience as they can reflect the surrounding scenery, allowing you to enjoy it from different angles. Mirrors can also make an area appear wider, making it an ideal feature for small balconies. 
  • Include flowers for a pop of color. Whether your balcony is big or small, flowers can definitely make it more lively and vibrant. Window box flowers are the top choice for balconies as they are striking and save a lot of space. If you do not know what type of flower to incorporate, you can start with begonia or petunia. 
  • Incorporate living room decors and furniture. Putting living room furniture such as coffee tables and armchairs can make your balcony comfortable and cozy, improving your experience while unwinding. Having a living room set up on your balcony is also an excellent way to provide your guests with a unique experience. With a living room set up on your balcony, you can eat, drink, and have fun with your guests comfortably while enjoying the scenic view the space provides. 
  • Use an artificial plant backdrop or incorporate a vertical hanging garden. Plant backdrops can provide a more refreshing ambiance, creating a rustic and cozy atmosphere on your balcony. Using natural plants is also beneficial as they can improve the air quality and make your balcony cooler. 
  • Incorporate a wall divider or a privacy balcony screen if your balcony is adjacent to the neighbor’s balcony. Creating privacy is an excellent way for you to enjoy your balcony to the fullest without worrying about disturbing other people. 
  • Use space-saving furniture. You can use wall-mounted foldable tables, foldable sofas, or compact dining tables set to leave you with more room. 

Having a balcony is one of the highlights of living in modern highrise condominiums like Pioneer Heights. Condo units with balconies have a higher purchase price as they require more floor area and hold more market value due to the view. If you want to enjoy your investment, putting as much effort into your balcony’s design as your interiors will help you enjoy your quality time on your balcony, making the extra cost worth it.

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