May 05, 2021

Top Morning Spots in Mandaluyong

Being an early bird with an active morning routine can be important part of a healthy lifestyle that promotes productivity. If you are fond of waking up extra early to explore the city and enjoy the neighborhood as the sun rises, finding the perfect spot will help you elevate your morning experience. Finding the right morning spot may seem difficult, especially if you live in a highly urbanized area with lots of noise like Mandaluyong. However, despite being a busy city, Mandaluyong houses various breakfast spots that allow you to enjoy a good morning meal and admire the city as the day unfolds. 


Where to Go for Breakfast in Mandaluyong?

If you live in Mandaluyong and are looking for a new morning spot where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or eat a delicious meal before starting your day, here are the top morning spots in Mandaluyong that are worth checking: 

  • R&J Bulalohan - If you prefer to spend your morning surrounded by an enthusiastic crowd, R&J Bulalohan is the right morning spot for you. Spending your morning around happy strangers is an excellent way to remain inspired throughout your day. R&J Bulalohan is a humble diner that serves the best bulalo in Mandaluyong, making it a popular breakfast spot among Mandaluyong residents. R&J Bulalohan serves an affordable menu, attracting all types of people. R&J Bulalohan has a lot of regular customers, making it suitable for individuals who enjoy befriending strangers. R&J Bulalohan is situated in Boni Ave, only a few meters away from the Mandaluyong City Hall. 
  • Wildflour Cafe - If you prefer sitting in silence while eating good food, Wildflour Cafe is the ideal morning spot for you. Situated at the Podium, Wildflour Cafe provides a sophisticated ambiance with its modern interiors and menu inspired by Italian and American cuisine. If you want to dine in an elegant place to set your mood before going to work, try visiting Wildflour Cafe for a unique breakfast experience. 
  • Kanto Freestyle - If you want the ultimate Filipino breakfast experience, Kanto Freestyle is the ideal place for you. Kanto Freestyle offers an elevated breakfast menu with its combination of silog meals and American breakfast. Kanto Freestyle also has cozy interiors, providing just the right ambiance for those looking for a meek and humble breakfast spot before starting their day. Kanto Freestyle is situated in San Joaquin, Mandaluyong.
  • Triangle Park - If you want to stop somewhere to enjoy some fresh air, consider visiting Triangle Park. Triangle Park is a small park situated in Dansalang, Mandaluyong. The park is also used as a waiting shed for commuters, making it a practical stopover before traveling to work. 


Engaging in active morning activities is fun, especially if you live in a condominium like River Park Place. River Park Place has recreational facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and viewing deck that can help you enjoy the morning while doing fun activities or simply enjoying the sunrise along with the scenic river view.

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