Best Afternoon Spots in Quezon City

May 05, 2021

Residing in a real estate hotspot like Quezon City (QC) is practical and convenient due to its accessibility. Among the most popular living spaces in Quezon City are condominiums with first-class amenities like Brizlane Residences. Living in condos like Brizlane Residences allows residents to have a place to unwind. Among the most rewarding things after a long stressful week at work is spending some quiet time in a relaxing place. However, finding the perfect afternoon spot can be challenging, especially if you do not live in a condo with resort-type amenities like Brizlane Residences. If you have been struggling to find a quiet place to relax and unwind, there are various hidden spots in Quezon City that you will surely enjoy. 

Where to Find the Best Afternoon Spots in QC

Finding the best afternoon spot in Quezon City is possible; you just have to look closer and explore more. Here are some of Quezon City’s quiet afternoon spots:

  • Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe - Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe is situated on A Roces Avenue. This old-house-turned-restaurant shies away from Quezon City’s hustle and bustle, making it an ideal place to dine in and spend the afternoon peacefully. Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe takes you all around the world with its wide array of international cuisines. 
  • Cafe Enye - Situated in Eastwood, Cafe Enye is a Spanish haven that looks like a regular restaurant on the outside but is actually classy and cozy on the inside. Cafe Enye takes customers on a trip back to colonial times with their Spanish colonial cuisines and interiors. If you feel sentimental and wish to spend your afternoon in a place with a nostalgic vibe, Cafe Enye is a suitable place for you. 
  • Common Folk - Common Folk is among the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Quezon City. If you are seeking a serene spot with Instagrammable features, Common Folk is one of the best afternoon spots you can find. Common Folk sits along Katipunan Avenue, making it easily accessible. Aside from its aesthetically pleasing interiors, Common Folk also serves delicious coffee and snacks.
  • Craft Coffee Revolution - Craft Coffee Revolution provides a rustic ambiance with an interior design predominantly made of concrete and wood. Craft Coffee Revolution is situated on Broadway Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City. Craft Coffee Revolution is an ideal location if you are looking for a hip and laidback place where you can spend your afternoon.
  • Il Pittore Cafe - Situated in Maginhawa Street, Il Pittore Cafe is a Parisian-inspired cafe that not only serves excellent food and drinks but also serves as an art haven where people can indulge in culture and arts. If you want a unique afternoon where you can discover new inspirations and interact with people, Il Pittore Cafe is the perfect afternoon spot for you.

One of the promising benefits of living in a highly urbanized city is being surrounded by unique establishments that can shape your perspective and provide you with unique experiences. Whether you want to spend a meaningful afternoon or a quiet one to clear your mind, Quezon City has various afternoon spots suitable for you.