May 05, 2021

Top Multi-Holiday Decors for Your Condo

Buying decors for each holiday and occasion is exciting, especially if you live in a modern condominium with spacious units and excellent balcony views like Pioneer Heights. Buying decors is one of the activities many people look forward to when a holiday is near. However, most condo owners face problems with where to store seasonal decorations after the end of a holiday season. If you are forced to limit yourself from buying seasonal decors because of lack of storage, there are various solutions for you. One solution involves purchasing multi-holiday decors that you can use for various holidays and seasons. 

Best Multi-Holiday Decors for Condos

If you are running out of storage space for holiday decors, you might want to switch to multi-holiday decors that you can use for different occasions. Multi-holiday decors will allow you to spend less space on storage as you can use multi-holiday decorations all year round. Here are some multi-holiday decorations you should have for your condo:

  • Copper wire lights - Copper wire lights come in different lengths and colors, making them an ideal decor for a lot of different occasions. You also do not need to remove them if they fit your interior theme. If you want to store them, copper wire lights can easily be rolled up, making them easy to store.
  • Chalkboards - Chalkboards are practical decors as you can change the contents with customized art, making them a popular multi-holiday decor. During regular days, chalkboards can act as a reminder board, so you no longer need to worry about putting them away and storing them. Chalkboards also give off a sense of authenticity as the designs and texts are always handwritten. 
  • Glass domes - Glass domes are an excellent decorative element to highlight cakes, pastries, or holiday meals. Glass domes exude elegance and simplicity, making them an ideal decorative element in a table centerpiece. Aside from food, you can also put flowers and other centerpieces inside the glass dome to add elegance and sophistication. 
  • Mason jars - Mason jars have flexible uses, from food storage, flower vase and item holder. You can also put decorative elements inside the mason jar, such as wired lights, tiny sculptures, and plants. Mason jars are also excellent storage for cookies and cupcakes and come in a variety of designs, some with paint and some made of glass with a rustic cap. Mason jars are an excellent decorative element on shelves and console tables. For glass mason jars, you can cover them with a wrapper that fits the holiday and remove the wrapper after the celebration.
  • Blank canvas - For multi-holiday wall decoration, a blank canvas is a practical option. You can stick holiday decors in a blank canvas and remove them when the season ends, helping you save space as you no longer need to buy wall decor for each holiday. 

Not only do multi-holiday decors save space, but they are also cost-efficient. Multi-holiday decors also encourage creativity and authenticity as you need to customize them for each occasion.

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