May 05, 2021

Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Condo

Renovating your condo is an exciting process as you finally get to customize your condo unit according to your needs and preferences. If you live in a condo with spacious units like Pines Peak, condo renovation is an excellent way to take advantage of your condo unit’s maximum potential and further improve your lifestyle. However, condo renovation involves a lot of  procedures, even more compared to renovating a house. Since condominiums have shared spaces, there are various requirements that need to be met before you can proceed with your condo renovation.

What to Consider When Renovating Your Condo

If you intend to renovate your condo, there are several things you need to consider. Aside from the construction, there may be other fees involved, which is why it is vital to know the essential factors you need to think about before renovating your condo. Here are some of the things you need to know when renovating your condo:

  • Know your condo’s rules and regulations on condo unit renovation. Condo unit renovations are not as simple as house renovations. Condo managements impose strict rules regarding the limits on condo renovation to prevent disrupting the buildings’ structure, pipings, and wirings. Condos may require you to submit electrical and architectural plans to determine the extent of your renovation and confirm that the renovation will not cause any internal damage to the building. 
  • Pay the appropriate construction bond. The construction bond serves as funds in case you damage the common spaces or your neighbor’s unit. Construction bonds range from PhP 20,000 to PhP 30,000, depending on your condo’s terms. Construction bonds can be refundable. 
  • Submit the necessary permits. Condominiums require homeowners to submit an application form for a construction permit, work permits for the contractor, an electrical plan with management’s approval, and an architectural plan with management’s approval. Requirements vary per condominium. Completion of the permits and requirements is necessary for the construction to start. Starting without the permits may get you penalized. Construction equipment may also need special permits. 
  • Check with your contractor regarding requirements. Some contractors may require you to submit the electrical layout and structural design of your condo unit for them to determine the appropriate manpower and equipment for the renovation. 
  • Consider additional charges. Because of the pandemic, many condominiums now require contractors to submit health declarations and to have their own quarters during the project. Clarify with your contractors if these charges are already included in the total amount agreed upon or if these require additional payment.
  • Inform your neighbors as a courtesy. Although you are not required to inform your neighbors, doing so will help them prepare for the noise that the construction will make and make the necessary adjustments to minimize the effects of the noise as much as possible.  

When planning a renovation for your condo unit, it is essential to have an excess budget for additional costs. Consult your condo management at least a month in advance so you can complete the requirements before your target date. Delays may require you to pay additional costs, mainly because of the strict protocols due to the pandemic. To avoid delays and issues, completing all the necessary paperwork will be beneficial to you and your contractor.

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