Bring Forever Summer Vibe in Your Home with a Nautical Escape Interior

May 05, 2021

Summer is the hottest season, which is why it is the perfect time for people to go on vacation elsewhere to beat the heat. People also take the summer season as an opportunity to do various physical activities. The beach is a favorite destination among vacationers as they provide a majestic natural view and serve as a venue for various physical activities that can be enjoyed during the season. The sea is calm during the summer season as there are few storms, so it is an ideal time for people to do water activities like island hopping, kayaking, and diving. However, the pandemic robbed people of the chance to do their favorite summer activities. So, if you want to stay close to your favorite summer destination, you should consider bringing the forever summer vibe in your home with a nautical escape interior. 

How to Incorporate Nautical Escape Interior Design

If you are looking for a new project and summer is your favorite season, you might want to renovate your home with a nautical escape interior. Nautical escape has a warm ambiance, making the room look more vibrant and warm even during the cold season. If you live in a condo unit with an excellent cut and lots of natural light like Brizlane Residences, nautical escape is a suitable style. If you want to change your interior design’s theme into a nautical escape, here are the essentials:

  • Use a white-blue color scheme. Nautical escape style is inspired by the sea, which is why its color palette mimics the color of the water. Although nautical escape has a warm ambiance, it has a cool tone. Blue serves as the focal point and white creates contrast. If you are not sure how to balance the blue hues, you can start by incorporating it on soft furniture. 
  • Choose wood as the primary material. If you plan to upgrade your furniture, wood is an excellent material that blends with the nautical escape style. Wood brings a warm feel that balances the cool tone of the color scheme. Wood is also an ideal material to mimic traditional ships, creating a more authentic summer vibe. Aside from furniture, you can also use wood for decors. Driftwood works well as a corner display or for making functional decors such as shelves and hangers. 
  • Elevate your lighting. Adding white light to support the natural light will add more emphasis to the white spaces and help create a warm tone. Lighting is also an excellent technique to make the room look wider than it actually is.
  • Incorporate striped patterns and textures. Since the nautical escape style is heavily reliant on the white-blue palette, adding more patterns will add more personality to your empty spaces, especially the walls. Stripes are one of the most popular patterns for nautical style, and it can be incorporated in soft furniture such as carpets and rugs.

If you live in a condo with resort-type amenities like Brizlane Residences, using a nautical escape theme for your interior will greatly complement the condo’s amenities, improving your lifestyle and bringing summer closer to your home.