May 05, 2021

Elevate Your Living Experience with Hollywood Glam Interior

Living a luxurious lifestyle, especially if you are residing in a contemporary condominium like Pines Peak, is easy as long. You can even easily incorporate luxury living in your interior design theme. When adopting a particular lifestyle, one of the most important elements is your home’s interior design. The interior design will help you fully appreciate the lifestyle you want to live and will help you quickly adapt to it. If you have finally brought your dream property and are stable enough to live a lavish lifestyle, you should consider upgrading your condo’s interior design by incorporating modern luxurious themes like Hollywood glam. 

Guide on Using Hollywood Glam as Your Interior Design Theme

If you are looking for an interior design theme that subtly boasts of luxury, Hollywood glam style is suitable for you. Also known as Hollywood Regency, Hollywood glam is characterized by modern luxurious house features and decors. Here are the essentials of Hollywood glam style:


  • Red carpet - Nothing screams Hollywood more than red carpet. Incorporating a red carpet in your indoor hallway and doorway is an excellent way to make a statement. Having a red carpet is the perfect way to let the guests know that there is more to look forward to. 
  • Rich accents - When deciding on the appropriate texture and accent for your furniture and decor, metallics and velvets are the perfect textures for Hollywood glam. Metallics are ideal for maintaining a modern feel, while velvets are among the most commonly used materials for luxurious items. 
  • Mirrors - Mirrors are among Hollywood’s most notable features, from vanity mirrors, mirror doors, mirror walls, and high-tech mirrors. If you are looking for ornaments that will not compromise your space, mirrors are an excellent option. Not only do mirrors provide elegance, but they also make rooms appear wider. They make excellent decors because of their beauty, functionality, and practicality. 
  • Vivid lighting - Hollywood wouldn’t be as glamorous without its lights. When incorporating lights, make sure to pick the right tone that will complement your furniture and give life to open spaces. Mixing warm and cool tones is also an excellent way to create a luxurious yet cozier ambiance in your home. 
  • Dramatic elements - To make a statement, one of the best elements you can use is installation art. Installation art pieces are excellent centerpieces, especially if you have a sizable condo like the units in Pines Peak 3. If you are not fond of installation art, you should consider investing in a large sculpture that will serve as your home’s highlight. 
  • Accessory organizers - One of the most important ways to maintain a Hollywood glam interior is to have cabinet and drawer organizers that can effectively segregate and organize your items. 

Hollywood glam interior design does not have to be too expensive as long as you know all the materials, patterns, and textures you need to create a successful Hollywood glam-inspired interior design theme. Hollywood glam provides a luxurious and modern ambiance without going over the top, making it suitable for homeowners who wish to make a statement while still having a simplistic approach.

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