April 04, 2021

Bring Out Your Condo's Raw Beauty with Industrial Edge Interior

Maintaining a specific interior theme can be challenging, especially if you want to buy particular furniture but it does not match your current theme. If you want to switch to a low-cost and low-maintenance interior theme, one the best options out there is an industrial edge interior theme. If you live in a condo like Pioneer Heights, where condo units come semi-furnished, incorporating an industrial edge interior will be easy as you already have a good canvas to work with. However, if you already have an existing theme and want to change it up, there are easy steps you can do.

Industrial Edge Style Essentials

If you are planning to create a chic and edgy setting for your home, you should consider highlighting the raw beauty of the internal structure through industrial edge style. Here are some easy tips on how to incorporate industrial edge style to your space:


  • Incorporate brick walls. Industrial edge style is all about creating a rustic urban feel in your home. For starters, you can use 3D self-adhesive wallpapers with brick designs to cover your wall or create textures that scream industrial edge. 
  • Take advantage of pipings and exposed steel frames. If you have exposed pipings due to your air conditioner or water supply, highlighting them by creatively placing lightings or other decorative elements beside them is an excellent way to create a warm and rustic vibe to your home. 
  • Incorporate a lot of timber. Industrial edge style promotes creativity and resourcefulness by using old recycled materials, such as driftwood, for decors and furniture. If you are looking for affordable decors, driftwoods are among the best options for industrial edge style. Driftwoods can be crafted into various pieces of furniture such as shelves, tables, coat hangers, and plant hangers, giving your condo that cool and edgy vibe. 
  • Fix broken furniture with steel or timber. Industrial edge style is all about authenticity, and what's more authentic than doing repairs using recycled materials? You can turn your furniture's damaged parts into a decorative element, saving you from spending on new furniture. 
  • Use palette furniture. If you need to replace your bed frame, consider using a palette bed frame. Furniture made of palette can be decorated with self-adhesive and wireless led lights, giving your furniture an illuminating look. Palette furniture is cost-effective and can be quickly built, making it an excellent opportunity for you if you want to try building furniture. 
  • Stick to industrial colors. The industrial color palette often sticks to black, white, gray, and brown. You can explore different shades of these basic colors to see what fits your style. 
  • Incorporate urban art. Urban art ranges from street photography to graffiti art, making it the perfect decor if you want to add splashes of bright colors.

Incorporating an industrial edge interior theme is an excellent choice if you want to renovate your condo at an affordable price. It is also bold and daring, suitable for property owners who are adventurous yet laid back.

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