April 04, 2021

Bohemian-Style Renovation For Your Condo

Redecorating your condo is a fun activity that involves creativity, patience, and focus. After searching among dozens of house themes, you might end up leaning towards the bohemian style because of its laid-back and free-spirited ambiance. Luckily, there are easy ways to achieve this look in this condo. However, before incorporating a bohemian theme into your space, there are few things you must consider. Plants are among the key features of the bohemian style. Although you can include fake plants for the sake of adhering to the theme, it would be better to choose natural plants as they also offer health benefits. It is essential to figure out whether you can commit to maintaining this theme and everything that comes with it. 

Easy Ways to Redecorate with a Bohemian Theme

The bohemian style is both hipster and chic, so it can be confusing for people who are not familiar with its concept. The key to a successful bohemian theme is finding the balance between hipster designs and sophisticated themes. Here are some techniques to a successful boho decor:

  • Incorporate medium to tall plants. For condominiums like Pines Peak, where units are equipped with balconies and open spaces, plants like areca palm, anahaw palm, monstera, yucca, and rubber plant are the ideal options. These plants also have excellent shapes and patterns, making them ideal for decorating and livening up spaces. You can decorate the plants with a rattan basket to give them a bohemian vibe. 
  • Incorporate a variety of patterns and textures. Boho is all about mixing and matching various designs and finding what works. Try looking for interesting art pieces and sculptures that complement each other. You can also display souvenirs from your travels. Boho is all about expressing yourself creatively. The more creative you are, the more authentic the boho theme will be. 
  • Choose earth colors. Boho is closer to the nature theme, so earth colors are often its primary color palette. Earthy colors set a more relaxed and refreshing ambiance, so they are also ideal for those working from home. An earth color motif greatly complements condos with resort-type amenities like Pines Peak.
  • Choose low-level couches and seats. The bohemian style has a laid-back vibe, so floor couches, pillows, and carpets are among its key features. 
  • Incorporate colorful rugs and carpets with patterns. Boho themes are known for their cozy vibes, so layers of rags and patterned carpets are standard designs for boho-themed houses. Rugs and carpets also add texture and contrast, so they’re also a safe choice for those who want to add a little interest to an otherwise space. 
  • Incorporate a variety of lights. Bohemian themes have warm tones and lights are one of its defining features, too. You can use white and yellow lights to create layering and coziness for your condo. You can also add fairy lights as decoration.

When doing a bohemian theme design, it is essential to go all out. The bohemian theme is all about maximalism. It is more authentic if you express yourself by incorporating your favorite objects or handmade arts. The bohemian theme promotes individuality and creativity, making it one of the best themes for people who want to express their personalities through their condos.

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